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Gold Standard Newsletter



Introducing the Gold Standard…


This week we are excited to launch our brand new tracking and rewards system, called “The Gold Standard”.

Students are issued with a colour (Gold, Yellow, Blue or Red), based on their performance during Track One for each of the following five areas: Attendance, Punctuality, Behaviour Points, Effort and Progress, and meet the Gold Standard if they achieve Gold in all five. For more information on how each category is colour-coded, you should visit the assessment section of the school website here –

For Attendance, students are rewarded for being in school. To achieve Gold, a student must attend school at least 97% of the time. And this works in the same way for Punctuality, e.g. whether students arrive on time to school. The vast majority of students achieved Gold for both these measures in Track One.


Behaviour Points are to do with the number of Merits your daughter is awarded by her teachers for good behaviour and attitude to learning. In order to achieve Gold, your daughter will need to have achieved at least 30 Merits in Track One. Please note that a Blue or Red score for Behaviour means simply that your daughter has not achieved enough Merits to gain a higher colour. Just below half of our students achieved Gold for Behaviour Points in Track One, with well over half awarded Yellow or higher. We are already considering making some changes to this standard based on the feedback we have received from students.

Almost all students in the school achieved at least a Yellow score for Progress in Track One, which shows that most students are on track to achieve at least national expected progress at Sydenham School. Remember though that the school motto is to aim high and achieve higher, and to achieve Gold, students must be on track to achieve our higher school targets. You can find these on the Track One reports (available by logging into, alongside your daughter’s currently working at grades or levels. This report also includes effort grades, for which the vast majority of students achieved Gold in Track One.

Students have recently received a copy of their Track One colours in tutor times this week, as shown below:


This student has achieved Gold in all Five areas, and has achieved the Gold Standard!

Parents of students who have achieved Gold in all five areas, and have therefore achieved the Gold Standard, will be receiving a letter of congratulations in the post. These students will also be awarded a special certificate and prize during a celebration assembly taking place in the next few weeks. There are over 160 students who have achieved this during Track One, which is really excellent. Students, who achieved Gold in any of the five areas, will also be receiving certificates, and there are over 80% of students who will therefore be receiving a reward of one kind or another for their work this year so far.

A major prize is also planned for those students who achieve the Gold Standard consistently at the end of the year.

We have already received plenty of encouraging feedback from parents and students about the new system, as well as some feedback on how it could be improved further, which we will be acting on.

If you have any further suggestions, feedback or queries regarding the new system, please do get in touch by email on Please include the words “Gold Standard” in the subject line of your email.

Many Thanks

Mr Mark Guest
Assistant Headteacher

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