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Welcome to the Sydenham School weekly e-newsletter: Edition 236


Message from the Headteacher

Dear Families

I hope that the last 2 weeks have gone well and that you are adjusting to the longer, darker and colder days. Please can you ensure that your children come to school wrapped up in a sensible and warm coat. Can we also remind you that hoodies are not allowed and should not be worn at school unless they are the school hooded tops that are part of the school PE kit. These hoodies should only be worn for PE lessons.

You will see once again from this Newsletter that there are many opportunities that students have been given including visits to world-class museums such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, as well as talks from well- known figures in the media.

We hope that the internal exams that have been taken place over the last few weeks have been useful for students in helping them to ‘retrieve’ their knowledge and to practice performing under exam conditions. There is a skill and an art to this.

We are confident that the feedback that the students receive from their mock exams will support them in understanding what they need to do to achieve even better results. Please do let the school know if there is anything else that would help to ensure that your child is as successful as they can be in their public exams in the summer term.

As ever, I hope that you have a lovely and restful weekend together.

Kind regards

Mrs Lowe





Careers- Generation Tech  

Year 10 Employability Day – 8 November 2018
Thirty employers volunteered to spend their morning in Sydenham School interviewing Year 10 students.  The feedback from employers was very positive and they all want to come back again to help with future careers events. The students behaved impeccably and benefitted enormously from the day. Please see the Careers page link for photographs of the day.

Creative Careers event – Tuesday 27 November – 3.30 to 4.30 pm in the Sixth Form Common Room
ALL STUDENTS are invited to come and hear from Jo Bunting (Have I got News for You, An Extra Slice) Joanna Robinson (Elle, Financial Times) and Catherine Whelton (Behind the Magic Harry Potter TV series, Blue Peter).
This will take place after school on Tuesday 27th  November in the Sixth Form Common Room.

Generation Tech – JP Morgan - Saturday 15 December 2018
All Year 11, 12 and 13 FEMALE students are invited to take part in the Generation Tech Day that JP Morgan are running on Saturday 15th  December.  The prizes include Nintendo Switch, Beats Headphone and Bluetooth Speakers.  This is a really excellent event and the Sydenham students who attended last year won second prize. Please see the Careers section of the website for more information regarding the Generation Tech event


Happy Project

As a school community we know how important mental health is and that various things can affect it. We understand that some people struggle when it comes to coping with their own emotional wellbeing and that they often don't know what to do or who to talk to as it may be new to them. Whilst we understand that school is fundamentally a place for learning, in a lot of circumstances mental well-being may affect learning.

The Happy Project will be run by 5 Year 10 students and our aim is to improve mental health and the emotional wellbeing amongst all Sydenham students. We have devised numerous things that can be used to support students so that they can get through whatever it may be affecting them negatively. Unfortunately many people do not necessarily understand the importance of mental health and how it affects people.

There will be fundraisers coming up as well as ways to donate so we can make some practical changes in the school that will make us all more aware of the importance of this vital area.


Dance News

Ghost Dances’ At Sadler’s Wells

I was excited to get the opportunity to go to Sadler’s Wells on Wednesday to see the Rambert Dance Company performing several pieces including Christopher Bruce’s ‘Ghost Dances’. We studied it back in Year 8 and it was remarkable to see the dance in real life with a live orchestra.

The music and dancing were really moving. There was a heartbeat throughout the dance that was echoed in the music and the rhythm of the dancing. You could really feel it pulsating through your own body. It was really touching, especially knowing that the dance is about oppression in South America that led to 1,000s of people being murdered. The dancing was well synchronised and powerful. The performance was both sad and beautiful at the same time.

Evie, 9S

Rambert Dance Company Theatre Trip

On Wednesday 7th November we went to Sadler’s Wells Theatre to see 3 new works by Rambert2 and Christopher Bruce’s ‘Ghost Dances’.  We also attended the pre-show talk and learned that ‘Ghost Dances’ was choreographed in 1981 and hasn’t changed since then. Each of the four dances we saw highlighted different themes and political issues.  For example; while the first dance was about thoughts and psychology, the third dance expressed the theme of political oppression in South America.  It was a great experience.

Nehir, Year 9

Visual Arts Trip To See Making Herself Up  

Throughout October Year 7 students went to the Victoria and Albert Museum to view the Frida Kahlo exhibition ‘Making Herself Up’.

At the exhibition we saw Frida Kahlo’s possessions that had not been out of  Mexico before now. In the first section of the exhibition we saw photographs from her childhood. We found out she had polio when she was a child and that her bones did not properly grow. Also Frida was in a crash between a tram and a bus and she was injured by a pole that  seriously damaged her body. She was unable to have any children as a result of this accident. In the second part of the show we saw things that she had to go through in her many illnesses including having to wear a special corset because of her bad back. Lastly, we saw some pieces of Frida's art work and her many dresses and outfits. We now know why Frida wore such flowing clothes! It was an excellent exhibition and a really engaging way to learn about this wonderful artist and painter.

Written by Gracie B Soni



Sublime Structures - Art and Architecture


Year 8 Visual Arts students visited Crystal Palace Park a cold morning in October students were introduced to the plan for the regeneration of the Crystal Palace main axis.  Students were led to investigate the heritage of Crystal Palace Park focusing on the engineering of Crystal Palace and the educational themes of discovery and invention which inspired Paxton’s original design in 1854. The original view from the terraces was spectacular looking down the main axis to the park visitors could see an amazing site: water features trees spectacular planting, areas for sitting and statuary all drawing their attention. Now 164 years later many changes and long periods of neglect have left the main axis in need of improvement.

Sublime structures in Crystal Palace Park a project focused on the buildings and structures of Crystal Palace Park, ranging from Paxton's innovative Crystal Palace and the many aspects of its spectacular parkland to the buildings of today including the complex geometric structure of the National Sports Centre. It aims to enable local young people and families to discover and celebrate the extraordinary legacy of design and engineering innovation found within the park. The project was led by ‘Our Hut’ and funded by Bromley Council and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Working alongside architects and graduates students explored architectural and engineering concepts, took part in 3D construction challenges with Engineering Without Borders UK.
Back in the classroom students created 2D and 3D work inspired by the visit to the park and designed and made  small models as part of a proposal for the new axis, including archways, improved lighting, seating and sculpture. We are Grateful to the architects who inspired students to engage in their the local community.




PTA Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting will take place in the school Library on Tuesday 27th November at 6.30 pm.
All are welcome...the more the merrier!
​Lois will be standing down as Chair at the AGM.
If you are interested in this role please contact the PTA on 


Governor Vacancies

Sydenham School are seeking 3 Parent Governors to join the Governing Body, to work closely with the Senior Leadership Team in supporting school improvement and maximising pupils outcomes. Individuals with experience of being a board member in another sector or experience of leadership, with understanding and experience of strategic planning, who are able to analyse and review complex issues objectively or with problem solving skills are particularly welcome to nominate themselves.

These roles are volunteer posts and candidates should be aware that a commitment to attend meetings in the evenings would be necessary. Induction, training and support will be provided.

Please see the letter for further details:


Safety After School

As it is now dark so early we wanted to ask you to remind your children about the need to be especially cautious when travelling home. We ask students to cross Dartmouth Road, and all roads where possible, at the pedestrian crossings only. Students should avoid stepping out into the road to pass other pedestrians when the pavements are busy and should be aware of the traffic at all times. Thank you for supporting us in this.

Students should be making their way straight home after school or at the end of an after school club. Please remind your child that if there are any problems or they are worried about making their way home they can come back into school and go to Reception for help. Our Reception is staffed until 5.30pm and there are always adults in school who can help.


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