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Welcome to the Sydenham School weekly e-newsletter: Edition 223


Message from the Headteacher

Dear Families

I am pleased that we are able to share some of the wonderful pictures of our delayed World Book day event during which many students and staff took the opportunity to ‘dress up’ as their favourite book character. It was quite clear from the marvellous costumes that a lot of time and effort had been spent on making the outfits as authentic as possible. The Day itself and the many other activities related to reading were very well received by students and a testimony to all of the excellent work that takes place in the school throughout the year to engender an all-important ‘love of learning’.

You may also have had the pleasure of attending the school Spring Concert earlier on this week. It was another fine display of our accomplished musicians who shared their talent in and passion for music with the large and appreciative audience that attended. Our huge thanks go to all of the adults who played a part in making this event happen including our peripatetic music teachers who work with the students on a weekly basis to continually improve their musical talent. As ever, all of the students who took part were excellent ambassadors for the school and behaved impeccably throughout the evening.

Finally, please can you note a link to an article that the school received from the Local Authority, detailing the fact that some school aged children from some schools are no longer allowed to congregate in Lewisham Shopping Centre in groups. Please can you speak with your child, make them aware of this and ensure that they make their way home safely every day after school. We are pleased to say that we have not had any reports of poor behaviour from any student from Sydenham School in this regard.

As ever, I hope that you have a lovely and restful Easter holiday when you get there. A reminder that school ends on Thursday 29th March at the normal time and that we return to school on Monday 16th April-all year groups- at the usual school time of 8.50am. Please can you continue to make sure that your child gets to school in good time, by 8.40am.

Kind regards

Mrs Lowe


Lewisham Shopping Centre Ban


World Book Day 2018


Having to postpone World Book Day due to the poor weather clearly gave students and staff even more time to get really! We wanted to say well done to all staff and students who entered into the spirit of the day by dressing in a wonderful array of costumes. The turnout was even bigger than last year making the judging very difficult. There were so many deserving entrants who showed their flair for imagination and made a huge effort in assembling their chosen character. because of this we decided to add an extra category of ‘Duo’.

KS3 - Individual winner – Amelia 8N as Nick Bottom from A MidSummers Night Dream and who showed great artistic flair in designing and creating her costume.
KS3 - Duo winner – Carla 7S as White Wolf & Nell 7S as Feodora from the book The Wolf Wilder. Carla spent many weeks making her costume by hand and got into character by roaming the school on all fours!
KS3 – Group winners – Beatrice, Rosa, Orla, Freya, Mari, Eleanor, Abbi all from 7A, & Allegra 7D, as characters from the book ‘Alice in Wonderland.’
KS4 - Individual winner – Jamilah 11H as a very amusing interpretation of Moon Face from Enid Blyton’s Enchanted Wood. 
KS4 – Group winners– Aoifa 9N, Queenie 9H, Ava 9A as the 3 transformations of ‘Eleven’ from Stranger Things.

Choosing a winning Faculty again proved very difficult but this year the Visual Arts have taken the prize for their portrayal of the characters from ‘Beatrix Potter. A very big thank you goes out to all the staff who made the effort, much to the delight of the students!
Students also made voluntary donations on the day and we have raised £100.00 for the Book Aid.
A special mention goes to the following students who made the decision for first place even harder.
Ruby 7M - Mad Hatter
Lucy 7S – Augie from Wonder
Sylvia & Jemima 7N – Mummy & Daddy Bear - Goldilocks
Kaiya & Binty 7M, Torree & Amirah 7S – Characters from Holes
Sofia 8Y, Ania 8D, Isobel & Rebecca 8E – The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe

Click the link to view the full gallery

Ms Malin’s Craft Extravaganza

This other suspended World Book Day event proved to be extremely popular with over 50 students participating in their lunchtime. Students had the chance to show their creative talent to make bookmarks, origami, posters, design book covers, colour and to draw. A collection of the finished pieces are now displayed in the Library.

Happy Reading from the Library Team!


Lewisham Citizens

Sydenham School will be hosting and chairing the Lewisham Citizens Assembly. This will take place at Sydenham School on 26th April between 6.30pm- 8.30pm.  Everyone is welcome.

The Lewisham Citizens Assembly will be an opportunity to thank the outgoing Mayor of Lewisham, Steve Bullock for his support of Lewisham Citizens, as well as share our agenda for change in the borough with the new candidates for Mayor.  Lewisham Citizens has been working hard to build more affordable housing. The charity has secured Lewisham's first community land trust in Sydenham for refugees to be resettled in the borough and is beginning to pioneer a new parents and carers project in Downham using community organising, to support new mums and dads. Join us as we encourage the new mayoral candidates for Lewisham to build on this great work and deliver more community land trusts and further integrate people who have been displaced into our borough.

Peer Tutoring  

This term, we have been piloting Peer Tutoring for some students. Peer Tutoring is where older students, who are successful in their study behaviour, volunteer to tutor younger students for 30 minutes per week. At the moment, we have 31 tutee-tutor pairs and it has been wonderful to see them work together to achieve their academic goals. While the tutors develop leadership, independence, teaching skills and empathy, the tutees are being trained in excellent study behaviour and receive one-to-one support with areas they may need a little more support with.

Both tutee and tutors review the progress made in each session. They consistently rate every session as either 'excellent' or 'good' and set targets for improvement. Some students have said:

"We went over things I don't understand and covered them so now I do." (Year 9 tutee)
"She showed me how to make flash cards for my Spanish test." (Year 8 tutee)
"Today's session was perfect!" (Year 7 tutee)

A big thank you to all our tutors. If you think your child would benefit from this initiative, please ask them to see Ms Tegelaars to be put on the waiting list.


Make-It Club

During this term in Make-It Club, in the Design &Technology Product Design workshops, we have been making hand-made jewellery. This involves making wooden moulds then pouring in molten pewter and shaping and finishing off the pendants.  Some students also used a laser cutter to make acrylic rings. A great time was had by all in the relaxing but highly-productive after-school club atmosphere.

Sugar Smart  

At Sydenham School, we are trying to raise awareness of the amount of sugar that students may be consuming without actually realising it.

Students donated their empty drinks bottles and we investigated how much sugar is in each one.

We were shocked by the results, especially by drinks claiming to be simply 'flavoured water'.

Our advice is, just stick to good plain and clear water in future!


Regional Ballet Awards


At the weekend Abbi in 7A, took part in the London & Middlesex Regional Ballet Awards 2018 at the Royal Academy of Dance.  Over 90 children entered and Abbi successfully made it as a finalist in the Sallie Lewis Award. Well done Abbi, this is an excellent achievement.



Over the last term, Year 7 students have been exploring some of Shakespeare's most famous plays in their English lessons, including: Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest, A Midsummer Night's Dream and Othello. As well as analysing Shakespeare's sonnets, monologues and soliloquys, the students have all had the opportunity to perform part of their chosen plays in front of their classes, either in pairs or by themselves.

They had to think carefully about how they would use gesture, tone, pitch, facial expressions and movement to communicate how their characters were feeling. All their practice, determination and perseverance paid off and they delivered some wonderful performances, incorporating all the skills they have been learning in their lessons. Well done Year 7! 

Ms Johnson (Deputy Curriculum Leader - English)


Intersectional Feminism

In Visual Arts this week, Year 8 students have been exploring ideas about Intersectional Feminism and how women's overlapping identities impact on the way they may experience oppression and discrimination.

Students participated in a photoshoot to create these images in response to the profound work of the artist Kimiko Yoshida.


Year  8 Football Match

On the 22nd February we played Sydenham High School. It was a tight match which ended in a 1-1 draw. This was all thanks to Imogen’s magical goal in the last second of the match. We are very thankful for our wonderful training from Crystal Palace and our school coach Pam. We can’t wait for our next match. From the back: Chloe, Claire, Elodie, Lia, Imogen, Angharad, Kitty.

Year 11 Netball Moderation
On the 7th March the Year 11’s had one of their final matches against Sydenham High School. This wasn’t just any ordinary match though, this was for their GCSE and BTEC moderation. The students doing the GCSE qualification were filmed and this was sent off for moderation. This was a much welcomed culmination of alot of hard work for the students but also a good exercise for the teachers in comparing the practical grades from each school. Well done girls. From Back: Jill, Marvellous, Chantelle, Florence, Aaliya, Charlotte, Mariam, Temi.

Trampoline Competition
On the 8th March, Sydenham School hosted the annual LSSA Trampoline competition. Each competitor needed to compose a compulsory and a voluntary 10 bounce routine. We had 2 judges from Beckenham Fliers Trampoline club for the afternoon. Our students did very well, ensuring they had good level of height and complexity of moves as well as good form and minimal travel. Boo in Year 10 came 3rd overall in the KS4 competition; impressing the judges with her cleverly executed cradle and somersault.The others missed out on a place but competed very well managing to harness their nerves into good routines when the pressure was on. Well done to the 5 students who competed, from left: Charlotte, Cheyenne, Ella, Shannon and Boo.

Kent Netball
On Monday the 19th of March the U13 Year 8 team competed in the annual Kent Netball competition. The competition itself had already been postponed once due to the ‘The beast from the East’ and the heavy snow fall that it brought with it. This time it seemed we were still destined to play in Baltic temperatures. The thermometer didn’t get above 1 degree Celsius for the entire day, snow was all over the playing fields and half of the courts were too icy to actually play on… but the competition had to go on! 
The players did exceptionally well and their fast effective passes and movement around the court allowed us to secure 1 win and 2 draws. Unfortunately they lost the other 3 games. The players showed fantastic resilience and teamwork and kept their heads held high right until the final buzzer. Kent Netball is renowned for its fierce competitiveness. We were extremely proud of our students being one of the very few comprehensive state schools to compete amongst the 30 other schools present on the day. The team also looked pretty fantastic in our new netball dresses!
Well done to the following players from left back: Vivienne, Jaida, Brianna, Mikah, Emmanuella, Lily, Imogen, Lia and Charlotte.

Sports Relief

We have been busy bees in the PE department in this last 2 weeks as it has been Sports Relief Fortnight! All of the students in their PE lessons have been running a mile and encouraged to collect sponsorship money for this great cause. We also had a Basketball Shoot-Out competition and a staff vs students netball match with entry fees for each.
Sports relief is a charity that raises money to support over 2000 projects in the UK and around the world, from the fight against malaria, to making maternal and mental health better. We hope that the Sydenham School community can dig deep and beat our last Sports Relief fundraising  in 2015 of £850. We will still accept sponsorship money up until Thursday 29th of March if you would like to donate.

Some people getting involved and running their Mile include; Mr Ronson, Ms Way and Mr Akaje-Maculey. Our fastest Mile Run times include Matilda in Year 9 with 7:29 minutes, Melissa in Year 8 with 7:35 and Mani in Year 7 with 8:31 minutes. Our fastest staff member was Ms Smith with 7:53 minutes. Well done everyone and let’s keep raising money for this excellent cause.

London Youth Games

We all got up early and travelled to Redbridge Sports centre in East London. We took 3 trains to reach our destination.

We played 8 matches in total and did a great job,learning alot from our experience. Highlights of the day included Izzy’s long shot, Sophie’s nomination for best player and the sticker that she received from Ricards Lodge High School, the great team work and the team spirit that we showed throughout the day.

Unfortunately we didn’t make it through to the next round but look forward to our next tournament on Thursday 22nd March in Kent where we can continue to practice our skills.

Written by Izzi 7D

We are also lucky to have Maureen Gordon, a Raiders Netball Club coach, starting at Sydenham School after Easter. She will be working mainly with Year 7 & 8 from 4:30 - 6:00pm on Monday’s. The cost is £10 per month.

Basketball Match vs Prendergast Vale

On Tuesday 20th March our KS4 Basketball players had a tense match against Prendergast Vale. The first half started well and we were up 14 points to 2 at half time. However,we dropped back a bit in the 2nd half but picked it up again with pressured defence and great passing.

We finished the game winning 26 points to10. The highest points scorer was Marvellous followed by Florence as a close 2nd. Excellent passes were seen from Greta and Jill also.
Written by coach Raymond Nwadiogbu


Reminder: Year 10 Parents’ Evening Wednesday 28th March - appointment booking system is open for parents to set appointments with teachers.


Easter Holiday Support Sessions

Please see below for a timetable of extra sessions being offered to Year 11 Students this Easter. Please contact me on extension 436 or e-mail me on if you have any further queries.


Widening Participation in London University

London University runs amazing free seminars and summer schools for our students.  Do an internet search for Widening Participation in London University to see what is available.   
Some of the applications have closed already.  But there are still many excellent courses to apply for.  For example


UCL Target Medicine Summer School (Year 11)

The Target Medicine Summer School (TMSS) is a free, non-residential, week-long programme for Year 11 students from London-based, non-selective state schools. There are 48 places available.  The week runs 02 to 06 July.

Applications close            01 April 2018


Upcoming Careers Event at Sydenham High



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