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Welcome to the Sydenham School weekly e-newsletter: Edition 220


Message from the Headteacher

Dear Families

SYD this week has a sporting theme and you will see from the entries that the school continues to consider exercise to be very important. Year 7 students are getting into a good habit of doing their mile run once a week with their peers and school staff. You will see from the picture that Mr Ronson has not even needed to break out into a sweat! The hope is that this activity will encourage more students to engage in one of the many other extra-curricular activities that the school offers and/or to take up some additional exercise beyond school. Walking to and from school is excellent exercise in and of itself. Please do encourage your children to do this as often as possible if they live close enough to the school to be able to walk.

This week sees the first of a regular item on ‘High Performance Learning’ and we are keen to keep families updated with this initiative and for you to gain a deeper understanding of what this means for how your children learn and what we are doing to make learning meaningful and enjoyable for them.

The half term break takes place between Monday 12th February until Friday 16th February inclusive. We look forward to welcoming staff and students back to school on Monday 19th February. Please can you continue to ensure that your child arrives at school by 8.40am, giving them sufficient time to be in their tutor group and to start the day promptly and positively.
As ever, I hope that you have a lovely and restful weekend.

Kind regards

Mrs Lowe


Tag Rugby


On Tuesday the 23rd of January we had Heber Primary School visit Sydenham School for a friendly Tag Rugby game. We won the match thanks to Charlotte, Samira, Juliet, Amber and Angharad from Year 8 and Poppie, Faith and Heidi in Year 7. In fact we won both matches even though it was quite close at times. A quote from Poppie probably best sums up how we all felt: "It was a lot of fun playing against the other school and I was ecstatic when we won"

Some of Heber's students might be coming to our school in the future so we gave them a quick tour of the Sports, Science and Art facilities that we are so lucky to have here at Sydenham. All the students from Heber school were suitably impressed. We look forward to welcoming them warmly if they join the school in Year 7 in September.

Year 11 GCSE Moderation

The PE Department has officially started moderating the Year 11 practical activities for their GCSE course. On Monday the 29th of January  we took 16 students (mainly Year 11's) to compete in a Badminton  tournament against Sydenham High School. It was a great opportunity to compare and contrast notes with the other PE teachers in the borough in relation to the new PE specification and to get some excellent video evidence that we will be sending off to the moderator in a few short months. Well done to the following students for taking part:
Year 11: Karthigga, Aaliya, Rose, Ruby, Rosy, Anita, Jade, Mariam, Jill and Marvellous and in Year 10: Ashana, Bea, Florence, Daisy, Tia. In Year 9; Queenie.

The Mile Run

The Year 7 Mile run is in full swing! We have implemented a compulsory 15 minute "Mile Run" for all Year 7's on a Wednesday morning from 8:15am. This initiative is designed to improve the overall cardiovascular fitness of our students. Cardiovascular fitness is an extremely important part of our health and it has unfortunately become rather neglected nationally in recent years.1 in 5 students in Year 6 in the UK are either overweight or obese with 62% of adults in the UK currently being overweight or obese.
We hope that running this mile each week will not only improve the physical health of our students but also instil some lifelong values of exercise as this can of course be a catalyst to promoting mental/emotional and social health as well.

Thank you to all the teachers that continue to be role models to our students and run the Mile alongside our students each week: Mr Ronson (pictured) Mr Macauley, Ms Bower, Ms Robinson, Ms Way, Ms Bridgman, Mr Davidson and to the PE department for organising this most welcome activity.



Careers Carousel – All Year 8 Students, Thursday 8th February 2018

Next Thursday morning, there are sixteen employers coming in to speak to Year 8 about their jobs.  We have a physicist; fashion designer for Paul Smith; a diplomat; an A&E doctor and a play writer to name but a few. Each Year 8 student will have the opportunity to hear about exciting careers that they might want to consider in the future.  The employer sessions will be interactive allowing students the opportunity to ask the employers some in depth questions. (And not necessarily “How much do you get paid?”).  So please talk to your children before and after this event, to help them think broadly about their futures and to find out what they have discovered from this Careers event.

Many thanks for your assistance in making this an informative and enjoyable morning. 

Please do contact Ms Smart, Head of Year 8, or Fiona Taylor, Careers and Enterprise Coordinator with any questions that you may have.


Friendly Football Match vs Langley School  

On Thursday 25th January the Year 7 and 8 football team had a friendly football match against Langley School. They have never played Langley before and so no one knew how well they could play. Pam, our football coach also trains the other team so she was hoping that both teams would win! Because our team had never played Langley before they felt nervous. The nerves disappeared once we got to the venue.

We started playing and Langley managed to score pretty much straight away, which shocked us. We got used to the tactics they were using and started going in more for a tackle to try to win back the ball. At half time, we had a team chat, which was helpful as we came up with our own tactics that we could use in the game to help us keep hold of the ball a little bit more. We all moved back when we needed to defend and then moved up when we had the opportunity. Although we did not win this game we took a lot from it and will continue to work on our tackling for the next game and beyond.

Football Match vs Hayes

On Thursday the 18th January Sydenham School's Year 8 football team played Hayes at home. The entire team were excited about this match as not only were Hayes a team that we had played several times before, but we were going to be wearing the school's brand new football kits!

The match began and both teams were evenly matched. However an early break from the Hayes striker made the score 1- 0. By half time Hayes were leading by 2- 0. A beautiful set up to a volley was all Sydenham needed to put one past the Haye's keeper. As the match progressed Hayes stayed on form to get a third goal past Sydenham. The final score was 3 - 1 to Hayes, but Sydenham kept their heads held high until the end.

Match report: Imogen  (Year 8)


Sydenham School vs Bonus Pastor School

Although our team struggled to reply in the first quarters, we persisted and always managed to keep up with the speed of the game. We were delighted to score consistently throughout the game. Overall it was a good experience that will help us to improve out techniques and make us more successful in the future.
Queenie Year 9

Micah shares some personal reflections on her contribution to the match below:

"In the year 9 Netball match I think I played well. I played 3 different positions against some very tall people but I did not let that stop me. My defending has really improved, from jumping high to reaching low. In the next match I am going to work on improving my communication with my team mates."


Friendly Netball Match Against Sydenham High

On Thursday 1st February Sydenham Schools Year 8 netball team played a friendly match against Sydenham High. All players were tense as they know Sydenham High are old rivals in netball. The first quarter was tough as both teams played to a high standard from the get go. But the score was in and Sydenham High were leading by one goal. In the second quarter the game relaxed slightly as people settled into their positions and by half time it was a draw. The third quarter ended with Sydenham Girls leading 5-3. Both teams wanted a win so everything was thrown into the last quarter. Both teams took on the advice that the coach/teacher was giving and tried their best in the game. The play was evenly matched and to a high standard so this meant that the final score was 9-9 a draw. It was a very intense match and good training for Kent Netball at the end of this month.

Well done girls!!

Match Report: Imogen 8E


Debate Mate

On Monday the 22nd January 2018 a number of students took part in the UDL event which was held here at Sydenham. There was a total of 8 schools competing from the surrounding areas. Five teams represented Sydenham School; this included a novice cup team.
After sacrificing their lunch times to complete the final preparations for the UDL Round One competition, students entered the event with confidence supported by other Sydenham students on hand to cheer them on.

The students were very articulate in presenting well-considered arguments and demonstrated a high level of debating skills in relation to the motions that were given to them.  It was fantastic to see students showing passion and conviction in response to motions such as “The police should have access to all our online data!”  We were extremely proud of the high calibre of  argument entered into by our students. Not surprisingly then, our students came first in all their debates in the first round and two out of four debates in the second round.

Overall an enjoyable evening was had by all. Well done to all the team members who took part and those that came to support them. We would like to thank parents and carers for allowing your child to take part in this competition. 

Parents' Evening  

Year 7 Parents'

The evening appointment booking system closes on Tuesday 6th February at 12pm. Our Year 7 Parents' Evening will take place on Wednesday 7th February between 4pm – 7pm.

The Year 11 Parents’ Evening date has changed from Wednesday 14th March 2018 to Wednesday 21st February 2018 between 4pm-7pm. Please amend your calendars accordingly. Thank you.


Year 11 Half Term Support Sessions

Over the February half term, there are several sessions being run by staff to support Year 11 students as we prepare for the GCSE examinations. Please see attached for details.


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