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Welcome to the Sydenham School weekly e-newsletter: Edition 219


Message from the Headteacher

Dear Families

The main item in our Newsletter this week is an account of the wonderful Young London Artist (YLA) Exhibition that took place on Friday 12th January. It was, in effect, a private view of all of the excellent work produced by our talented Sixth Form students. Oddly, art has a reputation for being an ‘easy’ subject! I have never been too sure why. The students brought an intelligence, thoughtfulness and absolute creativity to each piece of work that they produced. The care and attention to detail was breath taking. Their pride in their work shone through! Thank you as well, if you were amongst the families who attended. It is always a pleasure to be able to welcome you into the school and to share with you the work that your children are doing. I know that you too had a great evening.

Those of you who have older children will be more than aware that exam season (essentially May onwards) is really very close at hand. The students are working very hard towards securing the very best outcomes possible that they can…. and teachers and our support staff are also working hard as well to support all of the young people in the school to do their very best. Please do continue to look at the school website in order to keep fully informed about all of the additional subject sessions that are being put on both at lunchtimes and every day after school for students taking their GCSEs, A Levels and BTEC exams.

As ever, I do hope that you have a lovely and restful weekend with your children and family.

Kind regards

Mrs Lowe


Celebrating the Arts at Sydenham School


This year’s Young London Artists, A Level art exhibition held on Friday 12th January at Sydenham, in the Main School Hall was a stunning visual show of student enquiry into wide ranging themes from consumerism, to Brexit, identity, studies in evolution and DIY. Visitors, artists, parents, students and teachers were treated to a show of creative work across a range of disciplines including installation, sculpture, performance, photography, animation, painting and a wonderful art history fanzine and drawing.

The visiting judges were sculptor David Mach RA, film director Alan Friel, author and broadcaster Phillip Ball and painter Roxana Halls. the judges interviewed a shortlist of our young finalists and awarded Ola Warchol first prize for her incredible drawing, made over 4 months, from a series of images she has made of friends who share her Polish roots.

Our professional judges commented on the high standards of the work and Roxana Halls said “Seeing the invention and dedication of these young artists is inspiring and often surprising”.

Our thanks go to all the fantastic students and staff who made the event such a great celebration of artistic expression and creativity.

Ms. C. Henderson

Code Club, Alan Turing Competition  

In Code Club on Monday the 15th of January, a number of our students have taken part in the Alan Turing Competition. Each week students will be given a hidden message that they will need to solve. Our students are currently competing against thousands of other schools across the country and we currently have teams in the following positions:

The Happy Bunch 11th place
HST_Code_Breaker 24th place
KawaiiClan 67th place
Taco Cats 109th place
Dank_Meme_Lords 164th place
Astronoughts 222nd place
Squid 223rd place

If you would like to follow these teams, you can check the leader board each week by using the link below.

The ALAN TURING cryptography competition edition 2018

Year 8 Indoor Athletics Competition – Round 2  

On Thursday 11th January the Year 8 Indoor Athletics team took part in the second round of the Indoor athletics Competition, which was held at Knights Academy in Downham. The team competed in 10 disciplines in total, in a mixture of track and field events. These events included a relay, 2 laps, 4 laps, 6 laps, 8 laps, speed bounce, shot putt, vertical jump, triple jump and long jump.  Ms Downey and other students were supporting us throughout the competition and encouraging us to push hard in our events, to ensure we were performing as best as we could. Hopefully we have done enough to make it to the third and final round. We are currently awaiting results of the competition. Watch this space!
Report by Anisha 8D

Well done to all the students who took part: Anisha, Elodie, Mary-Jane, Aminata, Charlote, Mellisa, Alina and Kitty.



Transport for London Apprenticeships 2018 – Launch event on Tuesday 23 January – 18.30 onwards

TFL offer worthwhile apprenticeships for students.  They say: -

  • We will be launching our apprenticeship schemes week beginning  22 January 2018 - we have 180 vacancies across 25 schemes. We offer everything from Level 2 (equivalent to GCSEs) to  level 6 (degree level apprenticeships).
  • We are proud of our broad offering covering: technology and data, engineering, corporate roles- HR, finance, management etc as well as commercial including  quantity surveying, commercial property.
  • This year we will be launching 5 degree level apprenticeships.
  • We have an exciting launch event at the Transport Museum on Tuesday 23rd January- 6:30-9pm.
  • During the evening potential applicants, teachers and parents are welcome to attend and meet with current apprentices. There will be employability sessions explaining our recruitment process and an opportunity for candidates to apply on the night.

Register to attend the event here -


Kings College, London University,  Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience  -  IoPPN Youth Awards

The IoPPN Youth Awards are offered by the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN) at King’s College London.

The Awards aim to encourage young people (aged 15-18) from schools in the local area to stay in science and maths education and go on to study these subjects at university.
They cover a number of science based subjects including genetics, economics, psychology, health and computer science.
The Awards will take place in July, August or September and the dates are negotiable. As well as a placement, they include ongoing mentoring for a year and a £50 book token. They are a great addition to your CV and will give you a great opportunity to experience a university environment at first hand.                            Deadline: 23rd February 2018


Year 7 Visit - 'Harry Potter: A History of Magic' 

On Wednesday 17th January, 20 Year 7 students were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to go the British Library in London and see the 'Harry Potter: A History of Magic' exhibition. As this has been sold out for months the students-and accompanying adults- were incredibly excited ! In the exhibition, students wandered round with their guide and explored the different areas, which included Potions, Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures, Divination and Charms. They learned all about how J.K. Rowling's famous novels were inspired by real historical events, people and objects.

This included a genuine 300 year old recipe to create 'The Philosopher's Stone,' a real witch's cauldron and a 'mermaid' that was discovered in Asia. Students had the opportunity to create their own potion recipes, examine different methods of fortune telling and drew their own magical creatures. All the students were exceptionally well behaved, engaged in the activities and fantastic ambassadors for Sydenham School. Many thanks to Christine Joseph, our Librarian, for organising this event. 

Ms. Johnson, Ms. Malin and Ms. Brava 


Parents' Evening

Reminder Year 7 Parents’ Evening is on Wednesday 7th February 4-7pm
The Parents’ Evening Booking System will open at 9am on Monday 22nd January

The Year 11 Parents’ Evening date has changed from Wednesday 14th March 2018 to Wednesday 21st February 2018 4pm-7pm. Please can you amend your calendars accordingly. Thank you.


Important Year 11 Dates

Year 11 Mock results will be issued to all Year 11 students on the 2nd February. If you have any concerns or queries following this, please do contact me at

Please also note we have brought forward Year 11 Parents’ Evening to the 21st February. This is an excellent opportunity to meet with class teachers to look at how we can support all students in being successful in their GCSEs this summer. Further details will be sent home in due course.


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