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Welcome to the Sydenham School weekly e-newsletter: Edition 208 Sports Day Special


Message from the Headteacher

Dear Families

We are ever mindful of the safety of the school community and earlier on this week a lead Safety Officer from the Local Authority came to look around the site to review the safety features of the site in the light of recent tragic national events in West London. Please see the article below written by our Director of Resources, Joanne Smith. We will of course keep you informed of any further updates.

As promised, there are many images of our very successful Sports Day, which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who came to the Crystal Palace Sports Stadium on Friday of last week. In the end, we were lucky to have perfect weather conditions which were dry, largely sunny and aided by a light breeze. A number of track and field records were broken and the day revealed the wealth of talent that we have in our school. It was also lovely to see the way in which the students supported each other to excel and do their very best. There is a good selection of photographs below but please do click on to the web link to see even more. Well done to everyone who participated. Well done to the ‘family team’ that won the tug of war against the teachers! A number of older students, in Years 11 and beyond, were also present on the day to help with the various races and activities that took place. The community spirit was infectious and I would urge you to make the time to join us at Sports Day next year if you can.

Well done too to those students in Years 11,12 and 13 who have now completed all of their public exams in the summer series. They have worked very hard and we look forward to celebrating their results in the summer. A reminder to families that Results Day for A Level students is on Thursday 17th August. GCSE Results Day is on Thursday 24th August. Please do contact Mr Lake, our Exams Officer, if you have any questions about either day.

As ever, I hope that you have a restful and enjoyable weekend.

Kind regards

Mrs Lowe


A Review of School Buildings is Underway

After the tragic events at Grenfell Towers we are looking at our buildings and wanting to be assured that they are safe. We do have cladding on the outside of the new buildings and we are reviewing its safety. The cladding fitted to our school buildings is not the same type or make as that used on the tower blocks causing concern. We are working with the Local Authority and our construction partners to review the cladding nevertheless. We have been assured by the architects that the cladding and insulation panels fitted do comply with current fire safety standards and that they are not combustible.

The new buildings were fitted with sprinklers when they were built and we maintain these and test them regularly. We have mandatory fire risk assessments and as we have new buildings we were subject to additional checks during the design process. We are regularly inspected and we have the highest rating for our Fire Safety. This rating includes the buildings as well as our procedures and evacuation practices.

The schools minister, Nick Gibb, in answer to a written parliamentary question, said all buildings over 18 metres high would be checked. Sydenham School is not over 18 metres high, and only has 3 storeys at each end, so this does not apply to us thankfully.
“The government is taking the potential impact from the Grenfell Tower seriously and as such, we are taking a strategic approach to the assessment of the wider public sector estate,” he said. “The Department [for Education] is undertaking an analysis of all school buildings to identify those over four storeys high, to ensure we include all buildings that are over 18 metres in our analysis. This analysis is to establish what, if any, external cladding has been used on these buildings.”
We will keep you updated.


Cashless Catering

We are really pleased with how well the launch has gone. We have had a few teething problems but overall the system is proving user friendly and we know students like it.

We have found that some students buy breakfast, a snack at break and lunch and that the daily limit is too low. Therefore, we are going to raise the daily limit to £6. If you do not want this limit to apply to your child please let us know by contacting Joanne Smith, Director of Resources, regarding meals and Sarah Anatole, Finance Officer, regarding ParentPay and we can adjust this.


Sports Day 2017

Sports Day was a fantastic event last Friday and our students were engaged and impeccably behaved. Lots of new records were set over the course of the day and below is a tally of the new record holders:



Throughout the day tutor groups were competing against each other to accumulate as many points as possible to come out on top. It was very close this year between the tutor groups and some won by only a 1 or 2 points difference. The results are:

Also a new aspect of Sports Day this year was the banner competition. Tutors worked on making banners and posters to cheer on their tutees in tutor time in the run up to Sports Day. The banners were judged by the Year Learning Co-ordinators and the winning tutor groups are:


Sports Day Images  

Click here to see the full Sports Day gallery:


Calling all Students! Student Voice - The Dining Hall Food  

As we are moving towards being a sugar free school and looking at changing the menu to suit the needs and tastes of our students better, we are asking all students to complete a 5 minute survey on their experience of the school Dining Hall and the food.

Please go on to the school website at /latest news/News and events from the drop down menu/ latest news and updates

The survey will be closed on Monday the 3rd of July. Thank you for taking the time to respond.



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