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Welcome to the Sydenham School weekly e-newsletter: Edition 205


Message from the Headteacher

Dear Families

This week has seen the Year 11 and 13 students really get into the ‘full swing’ of their exams. Their approach has been mature and commendable . Of course we wish them all the very best in their remaining exams and we look forward to celebrating the formal end of Key Stage 4 at the Year 11 Leaver’s Prom on Thursday 29th June. You will see from the pictures below that Year 13 have already formally celebrated their end of secondary schooling. It was a wonderful event and I know that you would like me to take this opportunity to thank all of the adults in the school who have supported our students throughout the year in achieving all that they have.

We have spent some time this week reflecting with students about the tragic events that have taken place recently in Manchester, London and indeed in other cities across the world. These incidents have been both upsetting and concerning. We would like to continue to strike a balance between speaking with the students about keeping themselves safe as well as being suitably alert and vigilant to potential danger. We observed a one minute silence on Tuesday in respect for the victims of these atrocities who had lost their lives or been injured as a result of the attacks.

We have also arranged for a the Local Authority to come in to school and meet with senior staff to ensure that we are doing all that we can to secure the safety of the school community whilst on site. We are confident that our procedures for evacuating the school are already very sound. We will update you as regards any recommendations and further actions to additionally keep everyone safe.

I do hope as ever, that you have an enjoyable and restful weekend.

Kind regards

Mrs Lowe

Headteacher Mrs Lowe & Head Girl Nada


6th Form Leavers Prom 2017


The Year 13 6th Form Prom took place on Friday 26th May at the Woldingham Golf Club. This very popular social event is held annually before the start of the A Level exams to celebrate the hard work of the students throughout the 6th form.

As you can see from the photos, students enjoyed 'dressing to impress' and had a fabulous time dancing the night away in the luxurious surroundings. An excellent evening was had by all and we are looking forward to celebrating stellar exam results from this year group and  wish all of our students well in relation to the destinations that they are going on to.

Year 11 Leaver’s Assembly 2017  

On the afternoon of the 26th May the Year 11s had their final assembly together as a year group. Our Head girl, Nada, made an opening speech which set the tone for what was to be a lovely, celebratory and poignant occasion. Representatives from each tutor group paid tribute to their tutors and teachers and shared memories that reduced the audience (including the many families present) to nostalgic tears but also prompted lots of laughter.

We were treated to powerful performances by Nell, Sheray, Wura and Aisha, Damla and Kehslini. Much to the Year 111s delight, Hatice and Hana closed the Leaver’s Assembly with an uplifting and humorous spoken performance to inspire and motivate students to always do their best and ‘Aim High!


Cambridge University Astronomer – Carolin Crawford – Lecture – What do Scientists do?  Tuesday 20 June 2017

15.45 to 16.45 in the Main School Hall.  ALL students are welcome.

Carolin Crawford, Public Astronomer at the Institute of Astronomy, will be speaking about careers in astro-physics and astronomy.

EY (Ernst Young) Choices Evening on Monday 10 July at 17.00


“The EY Choices open evenings show school leavers what life is like at a leading global business”.  Please book in early to secure a space.

University Taster Days and Summer Schools

Register on this website to find out about University Open Days, Taster Days and Sumer Schools.


We played four 8-minute innings and decided to field first. We managed to get 5 of their players out and Joyce had a great catch off the bat. Hatcham scored 3 ½ rounders. When we came up to bat our team were consistent with their hits and willing to take chances to get those extra ½ rounders. The first innings  ended with Sydenham School winning with 9 rounders.

In the second innings the team improved on their fielding skills having settled into the game and backstop (Joyce) and 2nd base (Hannah) got a good rhythm going. The team managed to get all their players out before their 8 minutes was up. Only 1 rounder was scored. Our second round of batting was also good and we ended up with 7 ½ Rounders.

Year 9 and 10 Rounders vs Bonus Pastor


On Wednesday 7th June we took two rounders teams to Bonus Pastor School for a friendly rounders fixture. We decided to play two innings of 18 good balls.

This was the first game of the season for the year 10’s and they started off a little slowly. The team were a bit unsure of who to throw the ball to and needed to improve their bowling as they gave away quite a few ½ rounders. However, after a short while they settled into the rhythm of the game and started working well as a team. After the first innings the score was 5 to 3 rounders to Bonus Pastor.
In the second innings they were more focused and their batting was very good although it didn’t help that the grass was quite long so the ball could not travel as far as normal. The match finished with a final score of 9 ½ to 8 ½ Rounders.


Back Row (L to R): Ryanna, Mariatu, Peace, Marvellous, Mariam and Amy
Front Row (L to R): Jill and Mia

The Year 9 team is now much more established and trains together regularly. This was clearly evident in the fielding and team work skills. The team won their first innings 5 ½ rounders to 2 ½ . Bea had a lovely catch to get one of the other team out! In the second innings the score didn’t go up by a huge amount and the final score was 7 ½ to 5 ½ . Well done everyone!

Back Row (L to R): Joyce, Greta, Kya, Tia and Florence
Front Row (L to R): Hannah, Bea and Joni


Fit to Study Project

Sydenham School has been fortunate to have been selected by Oxford Brookes and Oxford Universities to take part in a "Fit to Study" Project. The project will be conducted with all the current Year 7 students.

Physical exercise has been shown to have positive effects on the brain and to improve cognitive performance, both immediately and in the long-termThis project is being carried out by scientists and will help the school to better understand how the content of school PE affects brain function and academic performance. The project will work with year 8 students during the academic year 2017-8.

A programme of activities for PE lessons has been developed to try to optimise the benefit of PE for brain function. The research team will train PE teachers to deliver this programme (to all Year 8 students) for a period of one academic year (2017-18), and assess the impact, at the end of the year, on fitness, wellbeing, cognitive function and academic attainment.

Thank you to the Year 7 team for being a part of this exciting opportunity and  allowing Sydenham School to be part of Science in action in order to gain a greater understanding of the true benefits of exercise.


End of Year Exams for Years 7-9

As per the school calendar, the end of Year exams for all year groups are scheduled to be taking place this half term. We believe these exams are important to prepare students in all years for revising for and managing exams in future years.

Exams for Years 7-9 will take place in your daughter’s normal lessons under formal exam conditions. Your daughter’s teachers will confirm dates/ times for their exams within the next 3 weeks commencing from Monday 12th June.  Teachers will let students know in advance what they should revise.

The experience of revision and examinations is important preparation for GCSEs and A levels in the future and also gives teachers invaluable information about how they can best support students.  However, we understand that some students can become anxious around the time of exams and special assemblies have been taking place this week to help them manage the process.

The end of year exam results will be recorded on your daughter’s Track 4 report, which will be published on 14th July. For Years 9 and 10, students will receive a GCSE grade as usual, and in Years 7 and 8 they will receive a percentage as a mark.

Thank you in advance for ensuring your daughter is well prepared for all her exams and we wish our students every success.

Year 8 Preferences

Students in Year 8 have this week received a letter via their tutors confirming the subjects they have been scheduled to study for their GCSEs starting in September.

Parents and their daughters should carefully check the details contained in the letter, and let the school know, by writing any comments on the letter and returning this to Mr Guest directly or via the box in reception.

This marks the end of the Year 8 Preferences process, and we look forward to welcoming Year 8 students into Key Stage 4 from September 2017.


'GIRLS ALLOWED!' with local poet, Isabel White

On Wednesday 7th June two KS3 English classes were visited by local poet, Isabel White, who ran workshops on the following themes: what is poetry; how to be a poet; pitfalls of poetry and how to perform well. Isabel shared some of her own pieces before facilitating students to create their own individual verses.

Isabel's energy was infectious and many of the students who took part are now looking forward to submitting their work in the poetry competition ‘Girls Allowed!’, which runs as part of this year’s Sydenham Arts Festival.


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