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Welcome to the Sydenham School weekly e-newsletter: Edition 198


Message from the Headteacher

Dear families

I hope that you enjoy reading yet another bumper issue of the School Newsletter! It is wonderful to be able to share with you all of the activities and opportunities on offer in the school. Thank you for responding to the Survey Monkey questionnaire about the new school logo and motto. We will let you know the outcome of this. I am very clear that the consultation needs to be meaningful and that any new logo and motto need to reflect the shared values of Sydenham School community.

I would also like to let you know that there will be a new uniform that will begin to be phased in from September for the incoming Year 7 students only. This means that current students will not be affected and will continue to wear the uniform style that they began year 7 in. The reasoning behind the change is a belief that a smarter uniform will contribute to the general raising of standards across the school.

I hope that you have a lovely Easter break with your family and we look forward to welcoming the students back to school on Wednesday 19th April. please can you make sure that your daughter arrives to school in good time, ideally by 8.40am at the latest, in full school uniform and fully equipped to take part in their learning.

Kind regards

Mrs Lowe


Lewisham Live Festival

Last night we took part in Live Bands which was part of the Lewisham Live festival and was hosted by Sydenham School.  It was an inspirational experience to see other bands and musicians from across Lewisham.  We particularly enjoyed the band 'Speed' and the singer Brodie McBride.  The feedback from the music panel was helpful and we enjoyed meeting Gerard Johnson from the band St Etienne.

Lily and Georgia from 'Limbs'


Spring Concert

Sydenham School enjoyed its Spring Concert on Thursday 23rd March. Well done to all of the performers and the technical team. The success of the concert reflected the commitment and hardwork from everyone involved - well done!

Click here for the Spring Concert Photo gallery:

Latin Study Trip to the Bay of Naples 2017


Last week 24 Latin students spent 5 glorious days visiting the Bay of Naples. The trip was led by Miss Fitzpatrick with the help of Miss Higgins and Verity Walden from the University of Cambridge. Verity has now attended three trips with Sydenham and her talks and guidance on the Roman sites are fondly known by the students as ‘Verity moments’.  
On the first day we visited the site of Villa Poppaea which is a beautifully restored palace destined for the Emperor Nero’s second wife as a holiday home. We had the opportunity to see what a roman swimming pool was like (60 by 17 metres!) and admired the almost immaculately preserved frescoes.

In the afternoon, with the first Springtime weather, we went for a passeggiata on the Amalfi Coast and practised Italian in the gelateria. When we arrived at the hotel in Sorrento for a well-deserved dinner and rest, we were very impressed with the view of the beach and met our favourite waiter, Alfonso.

The next morning, we visited the Archeological Museum of Naples where we saw all the artefacts from the houses in Pompeii and Herculaneum including the mosaic of the battle of Issus from the House of the Faun and the bust of our favourite textbook protagonist Caecilius Lucius Lucundus. After the museum, Miss Fitzpatrick had a treat in store. We wandered through the back streets of Naples until we found Pizzeria Antica da Michele – the oldest and most famous pizzeria in Naples. We met the grandson of the founder, Signor Franco, who was able to seat all 27 of us despite the restaurant being in very high demand. Optime erat!

Next, we arrived at Herculaneum which is currently being restored under the guidance of Andrew Wallace Hardrill. This was fascinating, especially after having seen so many artefacts from there in the museum. We wandered around the streets and it was interesting to explore the Roman shops, the villa of the Papyri baths and see the casts of the bodies which had been preserved in the boat chambers.

On Thursday morning, we travelled to Pompeii and seeing the amphitheatre and palestra for the first time was breathtaking. In Pompeii, we had the chance to visit the House of the Mysteries which had been previously shut for many years. In contrast to the House of the Vettii and the House of the Orchard, this villa is highly unusual in its layout which we understood gives further evidence for it being perhaps a religious house. We had lunch in the forum in the ruins of the temples and basilica in true Italian style with olives, mandarins from Sorrento, formaggio and insalata Caprese. Che buono!

This set us up nicely for our next task: climbing Mount Vesuvius. Sceptical that we would be able to manage this as Miss Fitzpatrick had told us this was a 3 hour hike, we were relieved when it only took us 30 minutes to reach the summit where we had a hot chocolate waiting for us on a windswept shack overlooking the volcano’s crater. Che paura!
Our final day took us over the water on the ferry to the Isle of Capri. We again embarked on a mini-hike up to Villa Jovis where the notorious Emperor Tiberius resided with Caligula. This villa is especially frightening because of the sheer drops to the sea where Tiberius would throw off any of his entourage who had fallen out of favour! Back in the town centre, we had a refreshing gelato followed by a hearty Italian meal overlooking the sea in the Trattoria Virginiello. Che viaggio fantastico!

Swing Band Perform at Lewisham Live  

Following the filming that Lucy did in November for ITV’s Little Big Shots, we have a confirmed broadcast date of Wed 5th Apr 8pm on ITV for the Little Big Shots episode featuring Lucy and her 12 year old singer-collaorator, Emma Marie from Colorado, performing Guns n Roses’ Sweet Child O Mine.


Year 7 Netball - Sydenham Vs Prendergast Hilly fields  

On Monday 27th March, the Year 7 A team played a friendly netball match against Prendergast Hillyfield’s. This was the last match of the netball season and the girls were buzzing after their win last week against Sydenham High. In the first quarter Prendergast scored the first goal only moments into the game and this made Sydenham girls realise that they needed to communicate as a team, as some players were playing in different positions, due to the fact that not all of the A team were present for this match. However, Sydenham come back and scored a goal bringing the score to 1:1. Going into the second quarter Sydenham took the lead as they scored very quickly. A few moments later and Sydenham scored again and again. Prendergast managed to score a goal. The score at half time was 5:2 to Sydenham. With a good lead the girls thought they had the game in the bag.

However, the coaches gave them feedback on things they still needed to work on during the second half of the match to keep the girls focused. In the third quarter Sydenham took an even bigger lead as they managed to score a total of 9 goals to 2. Their defence was really impressive and every time Prendergast tried to shoot, the defence made sure they intercepted their passes and got the ball back down the other end of the court. In the last quarter the girls were determined to finish the season with a win. One shot after another Sydenham managed to score another 2 goals, bringing the final score to 11:2. this was a fantastic result from the Year 7 Netball team and a great way to end the season.

Match Report written by Emmanuella.

Jaida, Emmanuella, Lilly, Imogen, Lia, Vivienne, Tallulah

Well done girls great end to the Netball season!


LSSSA Trampolining Competition

This Tuesday Sydenham School hosted the annual trampolining competition for Lewisham. 5 other schools entered the competition; Prendergast Hillyfields, Prendergast Ladywell, Bonus Pastor, Sydenham High and Knights Academy.

The format for the competition was that each student had to complete 2 ten bounce routines. One was a set routine which they all had to perform and the other was their voluntary routine which they made up themselves. All the students got judged in two categories; difficulty and execution and then were given an overall score together with their 3 other team mates to produce a winning school for each key stage.

Our players had only had a few practices before the competition and most had never performed in a trampolining competition before. They found it very nerve racking but still got on the trampoline and performed well. Well done to Geraldine for receiving the sporting spirit award for determination.
The results are below:


Key Stage 3


Sydenham High


Sydenham School


Bonus Pastor


Key Stage 4


Knights Academy


Sydenham School


Prendergast Ladywell


Primary Science at Sydenham School  

On March 27th 2017 Year 5 students from Kelvin Grove came to Sydenham School to learn about Insulation. They carried out an experiment to test which materials were the best thermal insulators.

We all really enjoyed the session as we learnt more about insulation and thermal conductors. We also really liked helping the younger students and seeing new faces and of course the experiment was really fun!

Julia Westrup / Dija Vasiliauskaite 7H


Faraday Challenge Correction

Apologies for the incorrect reporting of the Faraday Challenge winning team names. The winning team were actually Michelle, Ummu , Chloe , Florrie , Hadil  and Gracie.


Social, Emotional and Mental Health Support for Parents

Do you want to understand more about the causes and ways of managing Self Harm?
The Virtual College have been working in partnership with ‘selfharmUK’ to create the perfect course that not only allows parents to understand more about self-harm, but also how they can proactively raise the topic with their children in confidence.  Please see below a link for parents to register to access this valuable training.

Free E-Safety Learning for Parents and Carers
Access free online training and useful information by following this link through to the Lewisham Safeguarding Children Board webpages.

Parking in Suncroft Place

A number of parents are parking up in Suncroft Place opposite the school while waiting for students at the end of the day. Please be aware that Suncroft Place is a Private Road and there are clear signs that prohibit parking or waiting in that area. Residents have made a number of complaints about parent’s cars blocking access so please ensure that you do not park or wait in that area. If you are waiting to collect your daughter at the end of the day we would suggest parking in one of the nearby roads where parking restrictions do not apply.


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