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Welcome to the Sydenham School weekly e-newsletter: Edition 189


Message from the Headteacher

Dear Families

As you can see from the Newsletter, there has been much to enjoy and celebrate at school during the last week. There has though, as ever, been hard work. Year 11 had a Mock Assembly where they were given the results of their exams in sealed envelopes with their names on- just like it will be after the final exams in the Summer. The students also had an assembly during which they were reminded of the fact that these last few months of work can really make a difference to securing excellent outcomes-or not! We wish all of our Year 11s the best of luck and focus during this time.

I too would like to say an enormous thank you to all of the staff involved in the wonderful YLA Art event which took place on Friday at the end of last week. It was an event in the school calendar that I had been looking forward to and it did not disappoint. The quality of the exhibits was very high and the turnout was a testimony to the high expectations that the guests had of seeing works of art that were worthy of them making the time to attend. Thank you to Ms Henderson and all of the Art Departmental Team for working so effectively with the students during the year to produce the pieces of work and also to all of those members of staff who worked tirelessly to display the work professionally. In the end, our two external judges had to choose some winning and commended pieces. All of the students were worthy winners and I felt honoured to be able to speak with the student artists about their A Level work and to be asked to say a few words of thanks at the end of the evening. There was also an improvised Drama piece which was superb. Well done to everyone who contributed to this inspiring event.

I hope, as ever, that you have a restful weekend.

Kind regards

Mrs Lowe


Young London Artists Award 2017


The Visual Arts Faculty's Annual A' Level Art Exhibition was a spectacular occasion celebrating students’ hard work and creativity. Staff, families, visitors and local artists were treated to a diverse exhibition of art work from students studying on the A level Fine Art, Art History and Illustration courses.  Work on display included a large scale 3 screen video piece, sculpture, painting, photography, digital design and performance. It was a great opportunity to engage with students about their art work and the stories behind them as well as to marvel at the skillful use of materials.

Students presented their work to visiting judges, professional artist Roxana Halls and Science writer Philip Ball, winner of the Royal Society Science Book Prize. Selected students were awarded the following prizes:

1st prize went to Holly Chacksfield who 'curated’ a display of photographs and artefacts belonging to her invented artist Nora Wolff. “The photographs and sketches on display here represent Nora’s work in the late 1960s and early 70s when the Vietnam War led her to examine the nature of male leadership embodied in various studies she made of herself dressed as Napoleon.”
2nd prize went to Cameron Wyke who has developed a unique artistic style for Grime, a cultural movement which Cameron believes lacked a powerful visual identity unlike other music genres e.g Punk.
A further two students were Highly Commended - Ola Warchol made stunning delicate pencil drawings which transformed photos of a local estate with bins illuminated by orange municipal lighting into eerily magical scenes; and Hannah Riley for her animation of a self-making and self-destructing machine.
Plus the People's Choice winner, earned through a public vote from visitors throughout the evening, went to Alana Gaughan who sculpted a garden with green plastic bottles.

Throughout the evening a performance piece was played out between students who were making a comment about how social media can encourage people to have their say about other people’s lives. The two performing students were discussing and gossiping in an exaggerated manner which prompted the audience, teachers in particular, to challenge them and intervene, at which point it was revealed that it was an art work.

Our Headteacher, Gloria Lowe said  ‘The improvised piece was excellent- a complete surprise, beautifully executed and expertly acted. Well done.’

All of the Art staff were proud of the way the students presented themselves to our guests and the professional finish to their work. A fantastic and memorable evening.

Careers News  

Year 7 to 13

Fantastic Opportunities at University College London

UCL is offering opportunities for Year 7 to Year 13 students, (and adults). You can visit or do the summer challenge.  There is a wide range of activities.

Year 13

The Bank of England has some fabulous training courses and scholarships for our Year 13 students. The closing dates are in February – so investigate these now if you would like to be seriously considered.

Future Capabilities Programme

If you are due to finish school at the end of Year 13, university is far from your only option. Take our Future Capability Programme for example. We designed it to help talented young people get started in their careers, and it could see you grow in a number of key roles.  We want people who are eager to learn and serious about building a career at the heart of the UK economy.

African-Caribbean Scholarship

The scholarship offers financial support to students from Black or Mixed African or Caribbean backgrounds who will be starting their undergraduate degree courses at UK universities in the autumn of 2017.  You could receive up to £30,000 over the course of your undergraduate degree, as a contribution towards your living expenses and other costs of study. Please see me if you would like to explore any of these opportunities further.

Fiona Taylor
Careers and Enterprise Coordinator


Our EAL Students tell stories to St Bart's Year 4s in Romanian, Spanish, French & Italian!

I want to say a HUGE thank you to Nolia 7S, Angela 7E, Gaia 7Y, Tihana 9M, Joelle 9H, Noemi 10E and Elena 10E, for inspiring the Year 4 students at St Bartholomew's School on Tuesday 17th January, when we paid them a visit to celebrate Community Languages in Schools by telling them stories from our students' countries! The Year 4s were completely engrossed in all four stories and managed to understand alot due to our students using body language, a range of tones and volumes. Our visiting students also used the pictures in the books and gave a variety of facial expressions. 

The sessions enabled the Year 4s to empathise with how difficult it is to listen to a new language and how simple it is to make your listener feel at ease and consequently help them understand some words or concepts. They represented our school and its diversity, intelligence, warmth, respect and confidence perfectly! The students were great ambassadors for Sydenham School and we are all very proud of them.

Safety Message- Collecting Your Child After School


The safety of students, staff and visitors to the school site is a primary concern of us all and one of the greatest dangers is traffic on and around the school site. We have separated pedestrians and vehicles as part of our rebuild and to maintain this divide it is all of our responsibilities to ensure that any vehicles we bring to the school site are driven and parked appropriately.

If you are picking your child up from school,please park safely and ask you child to use the lights at the crossing either side of school to cross Dartmouth Road safely.

It isn’t safe to pull up to the school gates and to then reverse onto the main road, this blocks the view of students walking along the pavement as well as causing a hazard to other vehicles.

Thank you in advance for your support.


Year 11 Spring Term Revision Schedule

Please click the link

Year 11 Spring Term Revision Schedule. Please contact Ms White on ext. 436 or email if you have any queries


Sydenham vs Trinity in Netball

On Monday the 16th January 2017, the Year 7 Netball team played a friendly Netball match against Trinity school at home. The girls were feeling positive after their last victory. The match got off to a great start with Sydenham leading 4-0 by the end of the first quarter. The girls kept up their energy in the second quarter and scored an additional 2 goals.

However, after a team talk from their coach, Trinity came back stronger in the second quarter and managed to score 2 goals. The score at half time was 6-2 to Sydenham School. Going into the third quarter was tense as Trinity was upping their game. However, by the end of the third quarter the score was still 6-2. No one had managed to score in the third quarter. It was still all to play for in the final quarter. I am delighted to report that after scoring an additional 3 goals, Sydenham girls claimed victory bringing the total score to 9-2 . Well done everyone.

Match Report by Imogen 7E


Emmanuella, Charlotte, Imogen, Elodie, Tallulah, Lia and Lily

Eco Society Bulb Planting Project

On Wednesday 18th January 2017, the Eco Society and three Year 8 classes planted over two thousand bulbs at the front of the school.  Sarah Clifford and Daisy Cogley from the Downlands Project, kindly came to help out bringing tools as well as expertise.

In the Spring, we hope our daffodils and crocuses will flower, making the school look lovely, whilst helping our local insects to thrive, especially the bees.

“It was inspiring to see everyone working together, planting over two thousand bulbs in under two hours” – Hanifah 8N

“It is remarkable to see how such a small club has progressed and grown and now has such a big impact on the school” – Eliza 10S

“It was really fun and good to learn how to plant bulbs” – Imogen 7M


Year 7 Football Vs Deptford Green

On Thursday the 19th January, the Year 7 A and B football teams played a friendly match away at Deptford Green School. The girls were prepared and planning their positions and tactics on the way to the match. The A team were communicating well and getting into space to receive the ball. They used the width of the pitch to their advantage to bring the ball up the pitch.

This helped with their attacking play. 2 goals were scored in the first half by Sydenham. However, just before the end of the first half, Deptford Green managed to get a goal in bringing the score to 2:1 at the end of this section of the game. The girls made sure they worked together on the pitch. The Year 7 A team ended up winning 4-1. Congratulations to Aisha for scoring 2 goals, Elodie for scoring 1 goal and Imogen for also scoring 1 goal.

The B team put in a  commendable effort but unfortunately lost 2-0. Nevertheless, the B team's defence was much improved in the second half. Well done to Emily for saving some great shots from the opposing team.

Match report by Elodie

Well done girls!
Claire, Chloe, Emily, Imogen, Nina, May, Kitty, Angharad, Veronica, Elodie, Aisha and Cavell.


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