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Welcome to the Sydenham School weekly e-newsletter: Edition 180




Message from the Headteacher

Dear Families

As always, I am very pleased to be able to write to you about all of the events and activities that have taken place in school during this week past. Nearly all of Year 7 students went away this week in two groups for a Residential activity lasting two nights at Margaret McMillan House in rural Kent on the North Downs. This was led by Ms Smart and the Year 7 tutors. I know that all of the students had great fun, made new friends and developed in confidence whilst they were away. I also know that lots of energy was used up and that everyone probably slept very well on their return to London! This was an important ‘transition’ event which has further supported students in making a successful transfer from primary to secondary school.

At Key Stage 4, approximately 90 students went to the Docklands in order to collect first hand data for their field work investigation. They used research methods that included land-use mapping, questionnaires and environmental quality surveys. Thankfully, the weather was pleasant enough throughout the day and nobody got wet! The students will now make use of all of this information to write a comprehensive human Geography investigation. Our thanks go to Mr Glendinning and the Geography Department for successfully organising these visits.

Sporting activity continues to be a strong feature at Sydenham School and it is important that we continue to give our students as many opportunities as possible to work as a team as well as to develop their leadership skills. Well done to the Year 8 Netball A team, who were successful in winning their friendly  match against Hatcham School.

We were also fortunate to welcome Peter Brierley who is working  with the school from a charity called ‘London Citizens’. Peter gave an inspiring speech to Years 12 and 13 and passionately communicated the importance of how collective action by individuals can make a real difference to lasting community change. As a result, a number of our students will become involved in a project with Lewisham Council to make a footbridge near to the school safer.

Finally, please expect a  ‘Headteacher’s letter’ to be brought home on Tuesday. It contains important information which I hope you will find the time to discuss and reinforce with your child.

As ever, I wish you a restful weekend.

Gloria Lowe


Year 10 Geography trip to the London Docklands


Friday 21st October

Four GCSE Geography classes visited The London Docklands on Friday 21st Geography to collect primary data for their fieldwork investigation. In small groups they undertook methods such as land-use mapping, service tallys, questionnaires and environmental quality surveys. The day was very successful, the student’s collected lots of data which will now be written up in the classroom for their human geography investigation.

Mr S.Glendinning




Back Row L to R: Tyanna, Ruby, Rachael, Leanne,  Christina and Tia

Front Row L to R: Rebecca, Shellyann, Daniella, Hadil and Louise

The Year 8’s A and B team played a friendly match at home against Hatcham on Wednesday 2nd November. They were very keen to do well and improve from their previous tournament. Both teams played 7 minute quarters.

The B team had not had much training as a team before their match, but nevertheless really worked hard and well throughout the game.  This was especially the case during the second half which was played outside in fast fading light. Although the score was 5.0 to Hatcham we are proud of the team effort that was clearly in evidence throughout the match from the Sydenham girls.

Back Row L to R: Tiverhe, Sola, Keziah and Annabelle

Front Row L to R: Leila, Martha, Tyana and Queenie

The A team who are more established and played together last year, played a good game. The team started to improve after the second quarter in terms of their moving and passing. They now know they need to continue to improve on their communication and accuracy of shooting. The team won 5.1. Well done!


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