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Welcome to the Sydenham School weekly e-newsletter: Edition 166
we have listened to what parents have said about what they want from the newsletter and made some changes….


Message from the Head

Dear Parents,

Quick notice – Sports Day is on 16th June – do come along and watch if you can it is at Crystal Palace Stadium

Other news – Year 11 are having their Leavers’ Ceremony Friday 27th May as they officially leave Year 11 this week. They still have exams and other events but on the whole this was their last week. Well done to those girls – they have worked so hard over the last few months and I have been impressed by their tenacity regarding revision.

It was also nice to see lots of Year 8 Parents coming into the school this week for meetings about academic progress – thank you to Ms Mastihi and Ms Emmanuel for leading on this. Year 8 of course will move formally into Key Stage 4 next year as they have taken their Curriculum Options already.

It has been a lovely week at Sydenham this week, the girls and 6th Formers have been really positive and it has been incredibly uplifting. Mrs Gloria Lowe our new Headteacher was in for the whole day on Thursday and met lots of students as she walked around and stood at the gate of the school as the girls left, she is already very much part of the furniture so to speak.

Have a lovely and safe Half Term.
Ruth Holden


Employability Day


On Friday 20th May, every student in year 10 took part in Employability Day. Employability Day is an event organised at school to help year 10 students to gain employability skills and prepare us for the upcoming two weeks of work experience.

The event started at 11:10, in the Main School Hall. We had a fantastic drama performance titled the ‘WEX Factor’ (WEX stands for Work Experience) which taught us a bit about how to behave in the work place. It was an interactive and competitive experience, as we were able to participate in quizzes and win points for our teams. The different things we learnt about included: interview skills, how to dress appropriately, customer service, and health and safety in the workplace. Overall, the performance was a very informative and engaging experience.

After the performance, we went back to our tutor groups and began preparing for the interviews, which were due to take place during the last two periods. We were given a series of questions to prepare answers to, and we practiced them in pairs before the real thing. This gave us the opportunity to build up our confidence and make sure we know what to say during the interviews.

Then came the most nerve-wracking part of the day. The interviews! The worst part was having to wait outside the interview room for your turn. We went through our answers together, and finally, it was time to go in! The interviewers were really nice and we could see that they were interested in what we were saying. Personally, I think that it is easier to talk when you are with the interviewer, rather than pre-plan your answers. Most of us thought that the interviews were really fun to do, and we would certainly repeat them if we got another opportunity to do so!

The final part of the day was spent discussing skills needed for the workplace. Each tutor group had a guest speaker who gave us a talk and some activities on things like how to improve our communication skills.

Overall, I think that this year’s Employability Day was a great opportunity and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Nada Baessa, 10Y


Year 7 Reading Group


The Year 7 Reading Group has started up again this half term. Students are given the opportunity to read a range of challenging books and discuss their views and opinions on them.

Currently we are reading Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes, a heart-breaking science-fiction story of a mentally disabled man’s quest for intelligence.

The girls have been really enjoying this novel and have led some fantastic discussions around the issues raised! After half term, we will be starting a different novel, as selected by the students.


Preparation for Working Life

The ‘Preparation for Working Life’ students have been learning about further education and employment. As part of their learning experience we took them on a trip to Lewisham Southwark College and then to Capel Manor College. We had a tour of both colleges and saw a wide range of courses.

At Lewisham Southwark College we saw Drama, Hair and Beauty, Health and Social Care, Electrical Engineering, Dance and Catering where we had freshly cooked hot jam doughnuts. All departments had amazing facilities, the students left really impressed.

At Capel Manor College the students were able to see the horticulture and the animals they look after on their farm, from the expected, pigs, sheep, rabbits and ducks, to the exotic snakes, lizards and giant snails. We discussed the progression route for the students on the courses into becoming specialist keepers in zoos, working and managing a farm or garden/park and working as a vet’s assistant.

It was great to see some of the facilities and the range of courses on offer, it has supported the students in knowing how to apply to college and the qualifications that they will need.

Lewisham’s parent peer support group  


If you are a Lewisham parent or carer with a child or young person aged under 25 who needs mental health support; you may like to join a group of supportive parents with similar experiences?

YoungMinds are bringing together a parent peer support group in Lewisham. The group will provide mutual support in looking after your own emotional well-being and needs as well as care for those of your children.

If you would like to become a parent/carer project leader...
YounMinds are also looking for a group of parent/carer project leaders to run support groups in Lewisham.

This is a voluntary position with the opportunity to gain valuable experience, fantastic training and feel a huge sense of achievement. Expenses will be paid.

YoungMinds will support you all the way, but the groups will be shaped by their members. These will be YOUR support groups to run in the most suitable way for you and the members!

“I have supported my daughter through some extremely challenging situations and learned a lot about the complexity of mental health issues – a parent support group would be a fantastic place to share these experiences as I think this is one thing which would really help parents”

Parent Project Coordinator
E: T: 07896 532690
For more information about joining or leading a group, please visit:
Or contact:
Julia Garden, Parent Peer Support Project Coordinator
E: T: 07896 532690


Lost Property

All lost property (with the exception of spectacles) not claimed by Friday 10 June, will be disposed. Lost property is kept in the First Aid / Attendance Office on the first floor of the STEM Building (P103).



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