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Welcome to the Sydenham School weekly e-newsletter: Edition 163
we have listened to what parents have said about what they want from the newsletter and made some changes….


Message from the Head

Dear Parents

Sydenham has won an award – well done to the school, last year’s Year 11 students and the staff and parents. Ms Podmore and Mr Guest went to collect it for us at Holland Park School on Tuesday evening. Hoorah!! We are in the top 20% of schools for students making progress.

Other than this it has been a very full on and exciting week at Sydenham – The Year 11 students have sat their GCSE English examination and their Art GCSE Examinations – well done and good luck with those results Year 11.

We also have has our GCSE Art display evening for Year 11 and their parents and our ‘marking’ of the fact that we have moved into our newly refurbished Edwardian building

Even though it was only 4 days – the week was packed and exciting

Have a good and very sunny weekend
Ruth Holden



Free Microsoft Office - worth £60


As a Microsoft Showcase School, our students can download Microsoft Office for Free via their Office 365 logins. The software can be download on up to 5 devices by each student, including PCs and Macs. Free software is also available for iOS and android mobile devices.

This will allow students to always be using the latest version of Office at home, currently Office 2016 for PCs. The school is currently using Office 2013, but will be upgraded to 2016 over the summer.

Students can download Office by logging into with their email address and password and following these simple steps:
1)  You should see a message on the home page that says “Install Office 2016 on your PC/ Mac”, and can click the button that says Install now.

2) Follow the on-screen instructions to install Office 2016 to your Mac or PC – remember you can install onto 5 different devices!

Alternatively, click the link that says “How do I get Office 2013?” if you want to stick with the same version that the school is using until we upgrade. Once you have clicked the link you will see two sections, the top one is to install Office 2016, and the bottom one, which says Install Office 365 ProPlus with the 2013 apps, is at the bottom. Click on the title to expand the box then click the install button.

If you want to install on a tablet or Smartphone, click the link that says “Get Office on your devices” or go directly to this URL - PC users may also be interested in upgrading to Windows 10, which is also available free of charge for a limited time from

If you can’t see the install message on the home page of, you can also get to this via the settings cog in the top right, going to Office 365 Settings and then Install Status. This will also show you how many installations you currently have used.

Please note that the school is unable to provide IT support to parents and students for home devices, and advises you to ensure your PC/Mac/ other device meets the minimum specification for any software you intend to install on it, that you ensure important files are backed up before completing updates, and that you read all terms and conditions carefully.

We hope that you enjoy using your 5 free copies of Office to enable students to work more effectively at home for revision, independent study and homework.


Skype in the Classroom:

World Land Speed Record Attempt


On Friday, we were delighted to welcome Andy Green, an RAF Fighter Pilot, who is currently attempting to break his own World Land Speed Record in the new Bloodhound Supersonic Car to the school via an exclusive Skype with some of our Year 7 Scientists.

The Bloodhound project is attempting to beat the current record, which stands at 763.035mph, and was set by Andy in the Thrust Supersonic Car back in 1997. Using the Bloodhound Supersonic Car, Andy is hoping to achieve a new record of 1000mph.

The school was specifically chosen by Microsoft for this opportunity as a girls school with a specialism in STEM learning, and we were the only school in the UK to get this exclusive experience.

Andy discussed the project and the importance of STEM learning, as well as discussing the new BBC micro:bit. You can find out more about the Bloodhound project here:

The BBC and Microsoft have combined to provide every Year 7 pupil in the country with their very own micro:bit device, and Miss Warner will be issuing students with their devices very soon. Students will use the devices in Computer Science lessons, and will also be able to take them home to program in their own time. Students can start practicing coding their micro:bits using an emulator at

Andy connected with the school via Skype in our brand new Microsoft Showcase Classroom, and as a Microsoft Showcase School we are looking forward to further opportunities to engage with guest speakers and virtual field trips through Skype, and Microsoft will also be providing the school with further class sets of micro:bits to use with other year groups in DT and Computer Science very soon.


Sydenham School part of Childnet Digital Leaders Programme shortlisted for a national award,

vote now!



Year 8 students from Sydenham School are currently undertaking their training to become Childnet Digital Leaders, which will see them educate pupils about the safe and positive use of technology.  The national programme, run by leading children’s charity Childnet, involves over a hundred schools across the UK.

The Childnet Digital Leaders Programme has been shortlisted for an award in the prestigious Digital Leaders 100 award, which celebrates the positive power of technology. A public vote is now open – and Childnet need your help!

Vote now : To vote for the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme as Charity Digital Leader of the Year visit:



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