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Welcome to the Sydenham School weekly e-newsletter: Edition 159
we have listened to what parents have said about what they want from the newsletter and made some changes….


Message from the Head

Dear Parents,
Firstly, well done to the PE Department and those students who coordinated and organized events at the school for Sport Relief and raised an amazing  £706.71! Well done to everyone involved  - you have really made a whole lot of people's lives better.

We are at the end of the Spring term – it has all gone so quickly! The school now has the job of making the final move into the lovely refurbished buildings. Also there is Easter school during the holidays for Year 11 and then staff arrive back after the Easter break on Monday 11th April.

Students should return to the school on Tuesday 12th April at 12 o’clock and should go to their tutor groups. Students will be directed by staff as to where to go when they arrive.

I would like to wish you all a very happy Easter break  - let’s hope the weather is kind to us!!
Ruth Holden


Sports Relief Success!

We raised £706.71

Last week was Sports Relief week and the pupils and staff were fantastic. They:

  • All ran a mile in their PE lesson;
  • The PE ambassadors sold smoothies at break time;
  • And the staff played the year 11’s in a netball match.

The fastest pupil from each year group was:

7D-Grace 7.10 mins         8E-Nia 7.50 mins             9V-Daniella 8.14 mins

10Y-Bettie & 10D-Haniah 8.11mins                           11S-Lauren 6.44 mins

The best fundraisers were:

Ms Smith (Maths teacher) £68                   Keisha 7A £44                                    Menna 7s £10

Abigail 7h £41                                           Mariam 7S £37.50                             Carlotta 8h £10

Leanne 7m £35                                          Anisa 8E £34                                  Doreen 8h £10

Rosella 7s £33.90                                      Priscilla 8h £30

Lena 7a £25                                                Etive 7m £23

Rebecca 7h £15                                         Hadil 7m £11.60

Well done to all the staff and pupils for getting involved and especially to Ms Cantrill for organising it.
Mrs. Molligoda



Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge Wednesday 16th March


On Wednesday 16th March 24 Year 10 students took part in the Speak Out Challenge, a day of public speaking training funded by the Jack Petchey Foundation and organised by the English Faculty. The key message was to 'seem confident': by deconstructing what a confident person looks and sounds like and learning the right tips and tricks, even the most nervous public speaker can win over the audience. Our group were fairly confident to begin with and were bursting with assurance by the end of the day. The students were taught about posture, body language, tone and gesture, and practised thinking on their feet by responding on the spot to questions like "Which is better, friends or family?" and "Reality television shows are a waste of time: do you agree?" with a short speech. The workshop culminated in a speech contest, with each student delivering a two minute speech on a topic of their choice with no notes at all. All the students performed brilliantly and we were able to choose five finalists who will perform in assembly after Easter, with the top two going forward to the Lewisham final at Prendergast Hilly Fields on Wednesday 11th May. Well done to finalists Asiisa Mohammed, Hana Nacereddine, Tasha Mhakayakora, Cadhla McCarthy and Abigail Huruy!

This is for life and it's worth more money than you could ever earn from a job. (Alessia)
I feel very lucky to be able to participate in this amazing workshop (Hatice)
I learned a lot of speaking techniques, which I found useful.  I really enjoyed today's workshop. (Nahabat)
Very useful and boosted my confidence immensely (Mya M)
It was really fun and it gives you tips about public speaking and how others interpret you. (Nuha)


School bags  

Dear Students and Parents

As the School Council we would like to inform you that as a result of our listening campaign regarding school bags we have carried out the following:

  • Discussed what the issues are:

Waterproof lining flaking, resulting in our PE Kit books getting wet
Poorly designed straps resulting in back ache
Not enough room
Poor quality zips

We have met with a representative from Wearabouts who has sent us some sample bags to try. 1 Orthopaedic back pack, the other a better quality bag.  He also mentioned that he believed because he received less complaints about the black bags perhaps it was the coating properties in the navy blue bag which were an issue. 

We have also contacted the new Headteacher Ms Lowe requesting a meeting and we will be providing feedback.

After Easter we will be in consultation with the Year Council and our tutor groups to complete a survey and discuss the sample bags and the way forward.

Yours sincerely

School Council


Year 10 Annual Reports

This year, we have made a significant change to the way in which we publish written reports for students.

In the past, all written reports have been produced at the end of the academic year, and were traditionally published to parents in July. This year, reports for each year group will be published at different times during the year – full details can be found in the Parent Assessment &  Reporting Calendar on the school website here.

The Year 10 Annual Reports have been published to students this week, and are also available via SIMS Learning Gateway.

The reports also have a new look, which includes the most recent Track data (in this case Track 2). Note that this is data you have received previously, but has been printed alongside teacher comments for your convenience.

We hope that you will find the new layout and arrangements for annual reports are helpful, but if you do have any feedback on how we can improve these, please send an email to with the subject: Annual Reports Feedback.

Many Thanks

Mr Mark Guest
Deputy Headteacher



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