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Welcome to the Sydenham School weekly e-newsletter: Edition 155
we have listened to what parents have said about what they want from the newsletter and made some changes….


Message from the Head

Welcome back to the Spring 2 term – and indeed the mornings and evenings are getting noticeably lighter which is a very welcome thing!

There are some important events coming up this half term; next week we have:
Year 9 Options Evening on Tuesday evening 1st March at 7pm
Year 8 Options Evening on Wednesday evening 2nd March at 7pm

There is also a very important Year 11 Parents’ Evening Wednesday 9th March starting at 4pm which is essential for Year 11 Parents to attend as we approach the last 10 weeks of Year 11 time at the school pre GCSE examinations.

This is also the last half term that we will occupy the Basil Spence Buildings as we move fully into our newly refurbished buildings at Easter. Therefore please be aware that the day either side of the Easter holiday have been put aside for staff to pack and move. The students’ last day at school will be Wednesday 23rd March and they will return after the Easter holidays on Tuesday 12th April at 12.00pm for Period 4

Wishing you a very pleasant weekend

Ruth Holden



Until the Lions Dance Trip


On Tuesday 19th January 2016, a group of Year 12 students went on a dance trip to watch a performance of ‘Until the Lions’. It took place in the incredible 360° setting of London’s Roundhouse and is by the multi award-winning choreographer and dancer Akram Khan.

Khan adapted part of Karthika Naïr’s book‘Until the Lions: Echoes from the Mahabharata’. Combining the Indian classical dance form Kathak with contemporary dance, the themes of the changes that time forces on the body, gender and sexuality are explored. It tells the tale of Amba, a princess abducted on her wedding day and stripped of her honour, who confides in the gods to seek revenge.

‘Until the Lions’ is set to be one of Khan’s most startling and spectacular works to date, in which he will perform alongside two of his company dancers and four live musicians.
Jada Swaby (17 yrs), Year 12 BTEC dance student says “It was nice to see a new and different style of dance. I liked the way they only used their voices and drums as the accompaniment as it made it a lot more interesting”.

Georgina Wright (16 yrs), AS dance student says “It was thrilling to watch the use of live music. It was a good touch to the performance”.
Sharna Fernando (16 yrs), AS dance student says “I was really inspired by this dance performance. The 360° staging made it possible for all members of the audience to engage and connect with the dancers and musicians. The live music was successful at setting a tense atmosphere and the use of lighting and props gave the dance a theatrical feel to it.

The combinations of all these aspects made the performance an overall enjoyable experience”.

Dress Up Day 3rd March  

Dress Up Day is part of Literacy Week and is taking place on World Book Day. It is about getting a buzz going about books and reading so the costumes have to be related to characters from books plays or films.

Students can either enter the competition  as an individual or as a group.

Students must collect and complete a registration form
from the library before they can enter the MSH to have their costumes judged. They can collect the form  any time between Monday 29th Feb until the end of Wed 2nd March.


Blood Brothers

On Thursday 25 March, a group of year 7 students attended a production of 'Blood Brothers' at Bromley's Churchill Theatre. The group were spellbound and loved every aspect of the show.




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