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Welcome to the Sydenham School weekly e-newsletter: Edition 146
we have listened to what parents have said about what they want from the newsletter and made some changes….


Message from the Head

Dear Parent

This week has been an exciting week at Sydenham School with lots going on. There was a very successful Year 10 Parents’ Evening  - thank you to Ms Bailey for her work on this and to our Premises team. The evening was very successful with lots information given out to parents and students.

We have also had a lovely Primary school Basketball competition organized by Mrs Burt which has been lovely and some Sydenham girls helped out with the younger children, which was very nice to see. Well done to those girls.

Also this week I went on a full tour of the new buildings that are due to open at Easter. I can only say that I was absolutely impressed with the renovation that has gone on – simply amazing. Well done to Mrs Smith and Costain who have done a great job. Only 3 months to go and we will be in!!! All in all a very good week.

Mrs Ruth Holden


National Chemistry Week 2015


Anya in Year 7 won best Volcano overall

From the 14th to the 22nd of November it was National Chemistry week. As Sydenham School is a STEM school, chemistry is a highly valued subject and the science department ensured that many activities were organised throughout the week.

Miss Purton, the Head of Chemistry, organised two competitions. First was the Element Discovery Challenge; the aim of which was to go on a hunt around the school to find about various elements. Personally, I really enjoyed taking part in that challenge because I had the opportunity to find out a lot of interesting facts about elements that I knew and also discovered elements that I had never even heard of!

Burning Magnesium in Fireworks Extravaganza

The second competition was a volcano building contest in which we also had the opportunity to use the schools chemicals to create an eruption. The participants were judged on creativity, detail, effort, authenticity, and most importantly in my opinion, the best eruption!

There were also two lunchtime sessions. Ms Kanu showed us applications of chemistry in cosmetics. First, she ran a demonstration showing us how lavender oil can be extracted from lavender leaves by distillation. And Miss Purton ran the ‘Fireworks Extravaganza!’ -  a title that attracted many students to the event. We were shown a series of fireworks related demonstrations, for example, lighting different chemicals to produce different colours of explosions. I thought that the fireworks session was one of the best activities this week, and I am almost certain that many other students thought so too.

Nada Baessa 10Y

Extracting Limonene from Orange Peel

Year 9 Barrister assembly  

Ariel Ricci and Radhika Handa, two barristers from Coram Chambers, addressed the year 9s in assembly. They spoke about the strict dress code, courtroom practice and how to pursue a career in law. The students enjoyed trying on wigs and gowns and hopefully a few aspiring lawyers have a clearer understanding of how to pursue a career in law.


Upcoming Events

PE Calendar

There has been some important updates to the PE Calendar please click here to view


Award Winning Children’s Books

we have updated the Library section of our website with some very interesting links,

view them here

Art department  

We desperately need glossy magazines for the students to cut up and we would like parents to donate their read/unwanted mags to us; 'Vogue, Grazia, any beauty/fashion mags, Weekend newspaper supplements'.. Maybe around Christmas time is a good excuse to clear out and hand them in to us to make good use!




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