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Welcome to the Sydenham School weekly e-newsletter: Edition 145
we have listened to what parents have said about what they want from the newsletter and made some changes….


Message from the Head

Another great week at Sydenham is over, even though the weather has been at times, bitterly cold.  Again I remind parents that girls do now need a warm coat to wear and one that is appropriate for our uniform policy.

I had the pleasure this week of being asked to watch a presentation by the form group 10E regarding their feelings about the current Refugee crises. The girls feel strongly enough that they want to help that they are planning a whole school refugee week in January or February to raise awareness and money and resources. The presentation was thoughtful and had some excellent ideas. I was really pleased to see girls here in Lewisham wanting to help their fellow human beings who are in a less fortunate position than them. Well done to the whole of 10E and especially  to Kirsty Miles, Shula Rush Glew and Wura Agoro who presented on behalf of the class. I was particularly pleased that the girls are going to involve everyone in the school with their initiative and not just their own Form group.

On another note Year 11 students are busy preparing and revising for their Mock Exams which start shortly. I am sure you will all join me in wishing them the very best of luck in all of their exams.

Ruth Holden Headteacher


Visit from Author Lauren Child


Last Friday we had Author Lauren Child come and give a wonderful talk about her work and the full process she uses when illustrating. She also answered some very interesting and well thought out questions from the students before signing copies of her latest book.

Sydenham School Illustration students meet Lauren Child

Lauren was guided throughout her visit Year 8 student Boo.  Boo apparently met Lauren two years’ ago during a primary school visit and has always wondered if her name may have been the source for a similarly named character in one of Lauren’s subsequent novels. While Lauren could not confirm it, she admitted that it’s quite possible the name had been stored in her subconscious and the timing of the meeting and the novel character worked well! 

LSSSA KS4 Badminton Tournament  

On Wednesday night we hosted the KS4 badminton tournament. There were 5 teams that entered: Sydenham School A & B team, Sydenham High A & B team and Bonus Pastor. It was a great evening and all pupils played with effort and determination. Lola Onasanya won the certificate for Team Effort and Kris Thomas for Respect. Also a big thanks to Hanna, Hatice, Kiara and Shuawana in year 10 for umpiring the matches.

The results are as follows:
3rd Place – Sydenham High A team
2nd Place – Sydenham School A team
1st Place – Bonus Pastor

Sydenham School A Team – Lola, Nia, Kris and Lauren. Sydenham School B Team – Rianno, Katie, Iris and Zainab.


Year 10 Parents' Evening

Year 10 parents evening will be on Wednesday 2nd December until 6.30 pm. This is an important opportunity to speak with your daughter's GCSE teachers about her progress. Revision and coursework information booklets will be sold on the night for £3 to £6.

Please make appointments using the on line booking system, the address for which is below:

If you have any problem logging in then contact Paulette Wilks-Hamid on the email below:

We look forward to seeing you there.
Ms Bailey


Students with mobility problems or who are on crutches  

It is really important that we know about students who have injuries which affect their mobility, who are on crutches or have a condition or disability which may affect their mobility. We need to meet with a parent and the student before they come into school so that we can put in place arrangements to ensure their safety and wellbeing, for example to run through our emergency procedures in the event of a fire drill and to provide them with access to the school lifts.

If your child is provided with crutches, a walking stick or does have an injury, condition or disability which affects their walking or use of stairs please contact the receptionist at school and they will make an appointment with the relevant person for you.


Building Update

The last phase of the building process is on track to finish on time which is great news. When we return to school in January the outside sports facilities will be ready for use. In 2017 the school will be 100 years old and the Edwardian building is the original school building. It is being refurbished with great care and respect for the history and traditions of the school. We are preserving as many of the original features as we can whilst also bringing the building up to 21st Century standards. Reinstating the original entrance will really improve the experience of all our visitors and for pupils and staff the new access arrangements will make life so much better. We will be moving into the building at Easter by which time the landscaping at the front of the school will be complete as will the vehicle access and pedestrian access routes. The library will be moving into the old hall which will site it at the front of the school putting learning at the heart of the school.



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