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Welcome to the Sydenham School weekly e-newsletter: Edition 143
we have listened to what parents have said about what they want from the newsletter and made some changes….


Message from the Head

A very busy week at Sydenham School with the first of the Gold Standard assemblies happening for the year. In this photo Year 7 were in their assembly receiving their Gold Standard awards. Well done to Mr Guest for leading on this; the Gold Star badges look great and girls should be proud to wear them.

I had a difficult situation this week when Year 8 Sydenham Girls played Bonus Pastor Girls at Netball. I decided to take the middle ground and cheer any students that showed good skills. The score was 5-4 to Bonus Pastor so very evenly matched teams.

We also had the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award evening run by Ms Molligoda - a great evening and we had the 6th Form Open Evening on Thursday Evening  run by Mrs Pooley and Ms Belger - well done to all I am sure that our 6th Form will be hugely oversubscribed again next year.

Ruth Holden


Year 7 Residential Trip- Survival!


The Survival Challenge
First we had to decide if we wanted to survive a zombie apocalypse or a plane crash, we decided for a zombie apocalypse. Then we had to get into 4 teams. The guide gave us a map and told us to look for the three points were there would be 3 things to help us survive: food, shelter ( tarpaulin ) and sticks to put the food on. Then, we had to make our own shelter. We got to look for an area where we could put up sticks and then the rest was up to us.
One by one, the teams went up to cook their bread on a stick. The bread was quite nice but it was a little bit soggy because we could not cook it properly. Then we went back to building our shelters.

After about two hours "Hurricane Jordan" ( 2 of our teachers ) came and threw water on us. The water was to symbolise rain in a hurricane. My team was the only team to get a thumbs up from the teachers because hardly any of us got wet and we all fitted into our hut. We did not get wet because we had built up our log and tarpaulin area very well and covered it in leaves very thickly. Other teams got extremely wet because they only covered up half of their area. One team put the tarpaulin on one side with nothing to hold it down so the teachers lifted up the tarpaulin and threw water at them. I think the teachers enjoyed it very much. It was fun.
Just before we left we got to make our own little fire on cotton wool with flint and steel. We fluffed up the cotton wool and tried lighting. It was quite easy but I got it on my first try. I was proud of it. All of us enjoyed going to Margaret McMillan House.
By Mia Hollmann-Mather 7y

Can you still fly... if you can't walk?  

Book Trust disability consultant Alex Strick talks to Jacqueline Wilson about the portrayal of disability in books and Katy, her recent reimagining of the children's classic.

Can you still fly... if you can't walk? Jaqueline Wilson on her new book, Katy:  


Maths Residential Programme Continued...

Following on from the residential in October the selected Year 11s were back in school on Saturday morning revising hard for their Maths GCSE with their peer mentors.  The girls revised key topics that appear regularly on the exam and developed in confidence in these areas.  Constant revision of topics helps students to consolidate their understanding with girls on Saturday exclaiming "I actually get this now".  They will be back in school in 2 weeks time for another intensive revision session.

The Netball game: Bonus Pastor vs Sydenham Girls  

The friendly netball game was Monday the 9th of November 2015 was between Bonus Pastor School and Sydenham School which was won by Bonus Pastor 5-4.                          
 The game was a good practice, helping the girls understand what their strengths were and how to continue to help them improve immensely. It also helps them to focus on their main mistakes, so they can be their best for their big netball tournament on Thursday the 12th November in Kent.   
Overall, the girls did really well in their game. There was a lot of challenge in the second quarter but they didn’t let that stop them, they came back in the third and last quarter’s 10 times stronger giving it their all. 
Mariam Lawal                                 


Bronze DofE Presentation Evening

On Monday night the 24 year 11 pupils completed their bronze DofE award by doing a short presentation of their experiences of DofE. Leanne Chapman the operations manager for London DofE came to award the certificates. It was a fantastic evening and the pupils should be extremely proud of their achievements. This is something that will look fantastic on their CV's. Well done too 


















































On Tuesday evening both teams went to Prendergast Ladywell School to compete in their respective basketball tournaments. 

The U16's played first. They drew their first game against Addey and Stanhope and won their second against PLS which means they are going through to the next round which is the London Youth Games to represent Lewisham. The girls played fantastically well and did Sydenham proud. 

Left to right - Edyta, Natalia, Kris, Nuha, Iris, Gabby, Nia, Lauren and Hanna

The U14's only had one game to play but they did fantastically well considering they'd never played together as a team before. They won 10-2 against PLS and will also be going through the the next round to represent Lewisham. Special mention to Yasmine for coaching the team. 

Left to right - Cindy, Angel, Fiona, Ashanti, Yasmine, Abi, Juthusha and Mary. 


Internal Exams Timetable

The Year 11 Internal Exams timetable for the weeks beginning 7th and 14th December is now available to download from the school website here


Dear Parents and Carers,

A student has lost some money in a wallet which is obviously upsetting for everyone in school. Please can I ask parents and carers to remind their daughters that they shouldn’t bring large amounts of money into school and that they need to be vigilant about taking care of their possessions.

We will be reminding students that if they find any lost items they should take them to Lost Property where the Attendance & Welfare Office is.

I would also like to remind Parents and Carers that all payments for trips, visits etc. should be made via the ParentPay system. We do not want students to bring cash or cheques into school when we have a much safer and efficient way for parents to make these payments. Please see the link on the school website for details.

Thank you.



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