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Welcome to the Sydenham School weekly e-newsletter: Edition 124
we have listened to what parents have said about what they want from the newsletter and made some changes….


Book Week 2015 Promoting Reading

Drop Everything And Read Day ( DEAR Day) on World Book Day 5th March


Three times,  for 15 minutes , on World Book Day the whole school dropped normal activities to read and discuss inspirational women in their subject areas, promoting reading and raising awareness of women achievers. Students loved being read to by their teachers and were very engaged in discussing what they had learned.


Dress up as a character from a film , play or book


The whole school, teachers and students made some fantastic costumes based on characters from books, plays and films. Thirteen girls from year 11 made a superb team effort and dressed up as characters from Shrek. Manga characters featured strongly this year, two Yr 9  prize winning teams sported Manga outfits and Daisy Hart’s individual effort won her a prize as an Alice in Wonderland.
In year 8 Delaney Washington made a fabulous Robin Hood costume and Anna-May Wood was great Princess Leia from Star Wars.
7y as a tutor group put in a great team effort and also came as characters from Alice in Wonderland.
Boo Godfrey and Carlotta O’Riordan-Gooding made a  great duo with their Mungo-Jerry and Rumpleteeser costumes.  Tharushka Satkunarajah was a very pretty McKenzie and Abiola Morris-Walker showed originality with her Scotsborough Boy outfit.

Oksa Pollock video-conference


Students from years 7-9 took part in a video-conference with French authors Anne Plichota and Cendrine Wolf. The students had read between one and three of the Oksa Pollock books and had taken part in a reading group, where they discussed the books and worked together to decide which questions they most wanted to ask the authors during the video-conference.

Author Visit by Holly Smale

All of Years 7 and 8 had the opportunity to hear best- selling author Holly Smale talk about her best selling books, The Geek Girl series, where a geeky girl grows up to be a successful model.  Holly Smale told the girls that she had been bullied at school and found it hard to make friends but in spite of that she has still managed to be successful. She also talked about giving up being  a model to become a writer because her real passion was for books and reading.

Book Quizzes

We ran book quizzes each lunch time for different year groups. The highest scorers in years 7 and 8 will form three teams of four and will now go forward to compete against nine other secondary schools in the annual  Lewisham Book Quiz on the 25th March. Sydenham has won this competition for the last four years and hopes to bring back the trophy for a fifth time.


International Evening postponed

The International Evening has been postponed until next term this is so that we can host the event in our exciting new building.


Year 11 Climbing Residential

Last Friday to Sunday we took 23 year 11’s to High Ashurst in Surrey for a climbing residential and to assess the GCSE PE pupils for their course. The pupils were fantastic in behaviour and effort. Over the weekend it was great to see the pupil’s progress either in focus, ability or conquering fears. All the pupils were assessed using the GCSE criteria and everyone got an 8 or above (10 being the highest mark). I’d like to thank Ms Michael, Mrs Griffiths and Mrs Bailey for giving up their weekends to make this trip happen.                                                                                                       Mrs Molligoda

Battle of the bands

Battle of the bands was a great success watch highlights made by Michał Grzebieniak here:


Solar eclipse

On Friday 20th March at 9:30 am there will be a partial solar eclipse visible from the UK! In London, 88% of the Sun’s light will be blocked by the moon, so we will experience a dimming of light levels (provided it is not too cloudy!).  We will not see another eclipse on this scale until 2026.  Pupils in science lessons may get the chance to observe the eclipse in their classes, but please remember you must never look directly at the Sun as you may damage your eyes, even when it is eclipsed! The picture shows how you can observe the eclipse using a pin-hole camera: you can achieve the same effect using a colander. For more information on the eclipse please see the leaflet produced by the Royal Astronomical Society, available on their website:

Code Club

The Sydenham School Code Club got off to a great start on Monday after school in Room 163. We had students from year 9, year 10 and year 13 attend, to have a go at learning Java - the language of their mobile phone and Minecraft. In true programming tradition, they created a ‘Hello World’ program and then they got to grips with other Java Challenges. We still have spaces available for students to join Code Club and we look forward to seeing more of them turn up next Monday.

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