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Welcome to the Sydenham School weekly e-newsletter: Edition 113
we have listened to what parents have said about what they want from the newsletter and made some changes….


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The best group for punctuality each half-term will be winning a prize!
We should be at 100% in every year group – who’s stopping your Tutor Group from being on target for time!
Mrs O’Connor

Well done to Tutor Groups 8S- (Ms Pennicott) and 8Y- (Ms Virgo-Furrs) all of whom managed to be in school on time very day this week.
Mrs O’Connor




Left to right: Katherine Walker-9A, Rhiana Reid-Kanon-9M, Iris Kone-Krizoua-9A, Maya McFarlane - 9E, Lauren Mallen - 9E, Lisdalia Sardinha Tshimpaka - 9D, Nuha Khlafa-9H, Gabby Mullings Ogunmefun-9E

Last Friday (21st November) I took the U14 basketball team to their first basketball tournament at Ladywell College. They were nervous (and I was) as they had never played on a full sized court before or played a proper competition with 2 referees or played in quarters, rather than just one fun game. But they did fantastically well.
They surprised me with their level of fitness (obviously covering it in PE this term has helped!) and their determination to get the ball back, every time they lost it. The final score was 5 – 2 with Katherine and Nuha scoring a basket each and Rhiana getting in one of her free throws. The girls worked really well together, supporting each other and communicating well; at every quarter giving advice and feedback to each other.
They are now through to the London Youth Games and we await the next game.  Well done, ladies.
Mrs Molligoda




Year 8 STEM club programming and building circuits.

Year 8 STEM club have been busy over the last week or so programming their  Arduino microprocessors. This photograph shows Leah Murray proudly displaying her 'light Theremin'. Students built the electronics on a prototype board commonly called a 'bread board' and then connected it to the Arduino, which they then programmed.

STEM clubs are open to all pupils in  years 7 8 9 and 10.
Monday yr 7 in the maths faculty.
Monday yr8 in the science centre.
Monday yr9  in the science department (3rd floor).
Thursday in the science centre.

All clubs run 3.30pm to 4.30pm.

Greenfoot workshop  

The computer science Greenfoot workshop run by Dr Paulo from Queen Mary University was a huge success.  The girls had fun using Greenfoot programming software, which allowed them to transfer principles taught in computer science lessons to create an eco system  game.


Our Journey to the Royal Albert Hall

It was amazing!
One of the best experiences of my whole life.  It all started with rehearsals, we practiced so much, first at Blackheath Hall, then Deptford Green School.   It was an exciting feeling having all the different voices from every talented singer and listening to the instrumental musicians in the group.  It was also a great opportunity to meet people and make more friends.  It was such fun, and that was only the rehearsals!
When the main day came, 12th November, we were so nervous as it was our final chance.  When we went inside we had to hold our breath, there were so many seats!  We all got settled in and ready for our one last rehearsal before the main show.  We tweaked bits and bobs and added a few groovy moves to the song, which made it all ready and perfect.
After dinner we got ready for our performance.  When the show started we waited for a few performances before ours, which were absolutely brilliant.  When the time came for us to sing we were absolutely terrified.  The lights dimmed to darkness and the spotlight focused on our conductor; we sang.  We remember everyone putting his or her full effort in from the start, right to the end of the performance.  We felt really proud of Sydenham because of Connie performed in the ‘Animate’ Orchestral Group playing Violin and Tasha was the only person from all of the schools who had a solo to sing.  There were so many thoughts going through our heads, what if we missed our part and messed up for our whole group?  We thought about this a lot yet as soon as we stood up all the negativity disappeared and we were all just amazing.  The best part of the whole show was when everybody applauded and we bowed.  And finally, who could forget the finale of the balloons slowly floating towards the ground and the fireworks lighting up the whole theatre. 
Thank you to all teachers who made this day possible.  We will never forget this amazing evening of fun and enjoyment.
Hatice and Komal 9D

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