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'Boom Boom Pow' video is the follow-up to our 'pi r squared' video last year, which the students really enjoyed. With our latest release we were looking to tackle an area that continuously trips students up... adding and subtracting fractions.
In particular, students get confused thinking which method to use where; the aim of this video is to show one technique for any addition/subtraction question and show how it differs from the methods for multiplication/division. All this is done to the tune 'Boom Boom Pow', which hopefully will make it stick in listeners minds!!
As teachers at a Science and Maths specialism school we place a real importance on teaching mathematical topics in different, innovative ways and we think this is one way of making students enjoy their Mathematics. Check it out and remember to register so you viewing is acknowledged. Click here to watch the video

sports day

Sports day begins on Thursday 21st June at 8:50am for registration at 9:00 am and is usually over by 1:00 – 1:30pm. Please insure your daughters arrive on time as we would like to start the day as promptly as possible.

STEm day

STEM Day is taking place on Tuesday 26th June 2012. On this day, all students in years 7,8 and 9 will be off-timetable and working with their tutors and staff on a variety of STEM related challenges.

This Week's Events

MONDAY 18th June

TUESDAY 19th June
Trip to Sussex University


Trip to Imperial College
Trip to London South Bank University
Trip to Harper Collins

THURSDAY 21st June
MFL trip to France
Sports Day at Crystal Palace

FRIDAY 22nd June

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