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Sydenham Parents' Forum

The 4th Sydenham Parents' Forum is on 29th May 7-8 pm. Open to all Sydenham parents; contact Steve Horn at school if you would like to attend.



Physical Education

Athletics Competition Results
Last Thursday the Year 9 Athletics team competed in the Lewisham Athletics competition. They ended up finishing 3rd out of 10 schools, I was very proud of the girls for their efforts.
Ms Fish

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South London Schools Aquathlon Competition

Two teams competed in the Aquathlon Event on Wednesday 2nd May afternoon/evening. There was a Year 7&8 team consisting of 4 girls and a Year 9&10 team of 3 girls and a boy from Forest Hill.
Congratulations to the Year 9/10 Aquathlon team who won the silver medal and are through to the regional finals which will be taking place on the 1st July. Both teams had to swim 200m and then run 1500m in relay.

Parent Governor Vacancy

The position for Parent Governor is available. Deadline for nominations – Friday 11th May. Click on link for full details: http://goo.gl/NQBxk


We had the Speak Out Challenge for selected Year 10's last Wednesday 25th April. After a day long interactive workshop students learned how to master public speaking and then each delivered a fantastic speech on a wide range of topics everything from cats being evil, to sexism and human trafficking. Our winners on the day were Fola Osundina, Mimi Umoh, Reemma Muthal Puredath, Daisy Grierson, Gemma Longhurst and Anita Srisuriyakumar. Going through to represent Sydenham at the Lewisham Speak Out Final this Friday (4th May) at Connisborough College are Fola and Mimi as they had the highest overall points from the judging panel. We wish them the best of luck for the final and well done to all involved!

reminders - yeAR 11 pROGRESS file pRESENTATION

The Year 11 Progress File Presentation will be taking place on the afternoon of Friday 11th May. This will also be Year 11's last day in school. Following this they will be in school for scheduled revision sessions and exams only. This is an invite only event. Year 11 parents will be receiving their invites through the post.

Early Dismissal 11th May

Due to the Year 11 Progress File Presentation taking place on Friday 11th May Year 7-10 will be dismissed from school at 2.30pm.
Year 11 Students will be dismissed at 12.50pm to prepare for the evening's events and are expected to return to school at 3pm.




This Week's Events

MONDAY 7th May



Year 11 Progress File Rehearsal
Year 6 G&T Parents Information Evening - Main School Hall 5.45pm - 7pm


FRIDAY11th May
Year 11 Progress File Presentation
Year 11 - Dismissed at 12.50pm, and return to school at 3pm.
Year 7-10 Dismissed at 2.30pm.

Dates for your Diary

Tuesday 15th May- Governors F&GP Committee Meeting - 6.30pm
Monday 4th June - Friday 8th June - HALF TERM

Helping your child to learn

With the Exam season fast approaching here are ten top revision tips for parents from the Edexcel website.
1. A dedicated quiet space with good natural light or lighting is best for studying, with no distractions. If you have other children who are not studying for exams, make sure that they know the importance of revision time.
2. Ensure that your son or daughter has one evening a week away from their studies. It’s also important that they take regular breaks during the study periods.
3. Be around as a 'feeding station' – feed your child lots of healthy food and proper meals - not too many sugary snacks and junk food.
4. Offer to help with testing or ask if there is something that you can do for them – reassure them you are concerned about their welfare more than the results.
5. Know your son or daughter's revision timetable. Encourage them to tell you about what they are studying. If you know that they are not at their best first thing in the morning, encourage them to rest then and work when they are more lively. They should choose their weakest/sleepiest time of day to be sociable and go out, or watch TV at those times.
6. Make sure that you and your child knows exactly the date, time and location for each exam and incorporate this into the revision plan. Make sure that they have the correct equipment they need for the exam (calculators, rulers etc). Importantly, you should ,know what they are not allowed to take in to the exam (mobile phones, text messagers etc) as this could lead to their exclusion from the exam.
7. If your son or daughter has a medical condition, eg diabetes, hay fever, make sure that the school knows about it, especially if it flares up around exam time.
8. If there is a family crisis, for example divorce or bereavement, again ensure that your son or daughter's teacher knows about it since the additional stress can affect your child's exam performance. Special Consideration could be applied for the student in many circumstances, but this has to be done by the school.
9. Make sure that your child is using the internet to study and not as a resource to give the appearance of study!
10. Tell them that they can only try their best and even if they don't do as well as you hope, you still love them just as much.





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