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YEAR 7 - Emotional Literacy

Over the next three weeks all Year 7 groups will be involved in Emotional Literacy workshops, where the students will be participating in Behaviour for Learning activities to develop their communication, team working and listening skills. They will also be involved in a Circle time activity which will be focusing on tutor group cohesion and problem solving in the classroom. Parents will be given the opportunity to share the same learning experience in an Evening Session on Thursday 22 March, from 7.00 to 8.30pm. There will also be a keynote speaker from the charity Stem4 who will be advising and raising awareness around emotional well-being and Mental Health in teenagers. She will be working with Year 7's Period 5 and 6 on the 22nd focusing on: Building self-esteem: bounce, don't break.

PE - physical education

Sport Relief
As you may know next week is Sports Relief, we have several fun activities planned to raise money at lunch times:
Monday 19th March: Roller Skating £1 to participate (skates provided)
Tuesday 20th March: Hot Potato Tournament 50p to participate
Wednesday 21st March: Teacher v's Students £2 to participate
Thursday 22nd March: Sponsored Mile- Run or walk


Netball Results
Tuesday 13th March we held the borough netball tournament here at Sydenham and it was very successful. The Junior Coaches were praised for their organisation. Both the Year 7 and 8 teams played really well.
The results for our school were:
Year 7 finished 3rd out of 6 schools
Year 8 finished 1st out of 5 schools
Thank you to everyone for their support.


Year 7 student Thea has entered the ReadThis competition run by the National Literacy Trust and Oxford University press.  The participants had to design a campaign to persuade others to read the book they are promoting. Please give support by clicking here to view her campaign to encourage your children to read The Diary of a Wimpy Kid.


On Thursday Sydenham students took part in the BBC School News Report, Click here to have a look at what they got up to on the day.  


STUDENT Support - Learning Development

Dyslexia Coffee Mornings - at Bromley Community House
For parents/carers of dyslexic children
On the first Thursday of every month starting on 1st March and ending on 7th February 2013 (excluding August and January) there will be a chance to hear a short talk, share ideas and concerns with others and relax with coffee and cake. Pre-school children are welcomed – arts and craft table but no crèche.
Entry is Free
Next talk Thursday 5th April 10am – 12pm
Community House
South Street
Advice and support is available from the Dyslexia Association of Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich and Lewisham.
For further information ( 0700 50 50 55 Or email: info@dyslexiawise.co.uk - www.dyslexiawise.co.uk )




This Week's Events




Y9 Parents' Evening
Trip to Houses of Parliament

Hackney Empire with Year 8
Year 7 Emotional Literacy Evening session for Parents 7.00-8.00pm

History Trip
PE Trip to Mitcham
Y10& Y12 trip to the National Theatre

Dates for your Diary


Spring Concert - Wednesday 28th March 2012
Easter Holidays - 2nd April 2012 - 13th April 2012


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