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Welcome to the Sydenham School weekly e-newsletter: Edition 108
we have listened to what parents have said about what they want from the newsletter and made some changes….

British Open Karate  

Sixth Former Nicole Arnold had a challenging weekend as she competed in her first Karate knockdown tournament.  Nicole has fought and represented England as a Junior, now as a Cadet she was fighting full contact at the British Open Competition at the K2 Sports Centre at Crawley.
Nicole was fighting in the Lightweight Female Cadet category and was up against girls of her age from the UK and Europe. She had a number of tough fights before facing a girl from Wales. Nicole knew if she won this fight this she would have a place on the podium.  As the fight neared the end Nicole attacked with a Mae-Geri Chudan (a fast kick to the stomach) which was judged by the referees as a Wazari as it stopped the other fighter and  they stopped the fight and awarded the victory to Nicole.  The England fans in the Arena cheered and shouted her name.
Nicole was overjoyed as this meant she secured 3rd place!! The bruises will fade but the experience will be invaluable as she works to gain a place in  the GB team for next year’s World Cup in Greece.  Before then she has competitions in Wales and Belgium to prepare for.


Tag Rugby Match Report


In soggy Baxter's Field our tag rugby team welcomed visitors from Heber School. All of our (3) coaches were there and several parents from each team. It was great to hear claps and cheers rippling across the field. 

Everybody played and almost everybody scored. The first game was won by Sydenham - nearly 20 tries being scored. The second game was drawn - the win lost due to our players slipping in the mud and sliding past the try line into touch. There was one huge mud patch and we found it a lot! 

The much smaller players were very fast and hard to catch. To be fair, we were hard to catch too.   They had some super year 6 runners - let's hope they get to join us at our school‎ next year. They all want to come to Sydenham School.

We learnt a lot about ourselves and how to organise on the pitch. In tag rugby missed tags mean the other side can score - in our team our only answer was to get a score back. We need to work out how to get the ball back more quickly and force errors we can exploit.

It was a good effort from everyone. Our next match‎ is next Thursday against Trinity’s Year 9 team. Let's see how we match up to kids more our size. We need more year 9s and above so we can put two teams into the London School Games next summer.

Come and watch us. Wednesday is training and Thursdays are match days - new players welcome. 

Year 9 Netball Match Report


Last night the Year 9 Netball team played their second game of the season at home against Trinity. They had a warm session against the school staff netball team and then played a small match. When Trinity turned up our girls were ready and raring to go. They played really well and ended up winning 10-4. They said that having had a warm up game against the staff really helped!
Well done to all who played and supported. Above are some of the girls who took part..


STEM Challenge Event 10th November 2014

We will be holding the years first STEM Challenge in the Science Centre.
The theme is Genetics and all family members are welcome.

If anybody wishes to attend please RSVP to Amy Vickers on this email address:


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