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Netball Results: Sydenham School vs. Bacon's College
Year 7- Won 6-1
Year 8- Drew 3-3
Year 9 - Won 5-1

We warmly invite parents to attend The Dance Show on Wednesday 8th February at 7pm in the main school hall, where we will be showcasing GCSE and A' Level examination work as well as Sydenham's Dance Company. Tickets are available from the Dance office at a fee of £2 per adult and £1 per child. We look forward to seeing you there.

Parent Governor Vacancy
Parent Governor Vacancy. For more information click here : http://goo.gl/K7Ljh


This Week's Events

KS5 Geography trip to Malham

KS5 Geography trip to Malham
Academic Board Meeting


KS5 Geography trip to Malham
Full Governing Body Meeting

KS5 Geography trip to Malham



Helping your child to learn

What is ADHD?
All children are different – this also applies to children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. They usually show some or all of the following behaviours in more than one context.
• Behaviour problems: - Aggressiveness, tantrums, depression or anxiety.
• Restlessness: - She has a short fuse, doing things without thinking.
• Difficulty in making relationships: - She is out of tune with others, acting silly or out of control.
• Specific Learning Difficulties: - She may also have problems with reading, writing, language and mathematics.
• Disorganisation: - She struggles to plan and see through tasks at home and school.
• Poor Attention: - The child is easily distracted from tasks, having difficulty following or remembering instructions.
• Intrusiveness: - She is hard to satisfy, tending to go on and on.

Will a child always have ADHD?
Sometimes the symptoms can diminish. Children and young people who continue to live with ADHD can learn to manage their symptoms, with the right support and management from parents and school.

Further advice and information:

The National Attention Deficit Disorder Information and Support Service (ADDISS) www.addiss.co.uk. It provides people friendly information and resources about ADHD to anyone who needs assistance. Call 020 8952 2800 or email – info@addiss.co.uk

Sue Warren runs a helpline for parents/carers as well as the young adults, covering South London telephone: 020 8769 1667

Thanks to; Parent Partnership Service: Independent information, advice and support for parents of children with Special Educational Needs. Tel: 020 8695 5955 Email: lewishampps@pre-school.org.uk Website: www.lewishamparentpartnership.org.uk  


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